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Having read angry criticisms of the Chinese New Year of the horse Video made by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Seputeh, Teresa Kok, I decided to check out the upload myself. I found it to be quite humorous with veiled references to matters which are currently trending in Malaysia.

In the video, the panel of three (comedians) are jovial and Teresa appears dignified , wearing a yellow shawl over a red dress. She is straight-faced to all the answers by the “panel”  to her questions and in the end, it is an entertaining piece with references to what is happening in the country.

Try as I might. I could not find anywhere in the video which are said to degrade Islam, the Malays or the royalty as claimed by some quarters. Theresa might have slid in some messages but I would not say that it was done in a spiteful manner.

People turn to satire to express themselves (remember Namwee?) and if we could appreciate the kind of issues that are touched upon and how they could have been handled better, we would have learned a lot from this kind of satirism. But of course people who are not born with humour and possessed of a short fuse and pathologically defensive, would jump up and accuse the satirist of being confrontational. Incidentally, Teresa is an opposition politician (Democratic Action Party) so there is a lot more fodder to attack her.

Some people, it was obvious that they were supporters of UMNO (United Malay National Organisation) the BN component party led by PM Najib, using religion as a label to win sympathy, took it upon themselves to condemn the video and making  baseless accusations for their action.

Slaughtering chicken and using the animal blood to smear the pictures of the opposition leaders is certainly not Islamic and hence contradicting with their supposed religiosity.

This same group of people are making threat here. This bullying tactic seems to raise the apparent racial tension in the country. Instigating people to hurt a person is an irresponsible act. Some stupid guy might just carry out the act without thinking of the consequences upon himself. The threat should not be taken lightly and that’s the main reason Teresa is forced to make a police report.

What is happening to our country when  expressing oneself  is met with derision, anger and intimidation ? Curiously, these people would rather watch contrived pornographic videos of opposition leaders like that of PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim and PAS’s Mustapha Ali designed to kill off their political lives: these video clips were obviously uploaded by BN supporters.

Why can’t these so-called  “upset” people make their own satirical video to counter Teresa’s ? Do you want to know why? It is because they lack creativity, lazy and  have no  financial means, as UMNO politicians would rather keep the money to themselves rather than spend on such “artistic” activities  and so these “bullies” find it easier to get together and slaughter some cheap chickens and make open threats.

Offering a measly sum of RM1,200 to any person who dares to  slap Teresa for making the satirical video is a pathetic gimmick. They did not have the guts(?) to slap her themselves instead wanted others to do it for them. It is clear that they are trying to whip up some kind of public sentiment to worsen the racial tension in the country.

Right thinking Malaysians should reject the bullying tactics of these retards and fight to allow the freedom of expression that seeks to promote a better understanding of our multicultural society.


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