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Of late we have been reading about the movie directed by Martin Scorsese and acted by his good buddy Leonardo diCaprio as the main protagonist. The movie is about a man who played all the tricks on Wall Street to be filthy rich defrauding people and living in a world of debauchery till he was arrested,charged, put on trial, convicted, sentenced and spent time in prison.

The X-rated movie is reported to be funded by the company of Riza Aziz, the step son of PM Najib. This information itself causes a stir in Malaysia as to the amazing wealth of a relative of a serving top politician.

The man who wrote the book which is the subject of the movie is both a real life  fraud and a crook. And the movie is said to be glorifying him.

Jordan Belfort - the real life wolf with the winning smile, catching investors off guard.

Jordan Belfort – the real life wolf with the winning smile, catching gullible investors off guard.

People should read more about this man Jordan Belfort in here and here. He  defrauded many  investors and have yet to make restitution to them. Among the victims are elderly pensioners who have lost their life savings.

Apparently Belfort is hoping to use the proceeds of the book sale and the movie to help him pay his victims. Riza Aziz and his company is facilitating Belfort’s efforts. No wonder the movie is made with no holds barred on drugs, sex and violence to attract thrill-hungry audiences across the world and translating it into a money-making machine.

I, for one, will not miss anything by not watching this crap.


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