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I really sympathise with genuine new year revellers who gathered at Dataran Merdeka with friends and family to welcome the new year 2014. Their joy was robbed by insensitive and thoughtless horde of protesters against price hikes. These imbeciles did not know the meaning of togetherness brought on by a universal celebration (devoid of religious or racial connotations).

They disrupted the celebration and left people including overseas visitors frustrated. The people were robbed of their once -in -a year celebration and what a beginning to Visit Malaysia Year 2014 that was!

Thousands of civilised people come to gather in Toronto Canada to celebrate the New Year peacefully (CNN)

Thousands of civilised people come to gather in Toronto Canada to celebrate the New Year  2014 peacefully and joyfully (CNN)

Where people the world over came together in peace and common understanding these bastards (excuse my lingo) just had to spoil it. All the leaders of the so called “Himpunan Turun” should be ashamed of themselves parasitising on a universal celebration.

I have lost my respect for the likes of Ambiga who, as an educated woman and a respected social activist should stoop so low to inflict this uncivilised behaviour on fellow Malaysians. Go to hell Ambiga and your retarded protest organisers!

Just 24 hours ago, I was wishing everyone a happy new year, but in reality  not everyone cares about the event but at least they should  have respected other peoples’ feelings.

Protesting against price hikes or anything is fine in a democracy  but there is a place and time for such  actions. They  should not have done so at the New Year Celebration knowing that many others gather to celebrate and not for any other agenda. These brainless protesters virtually stole the celebration from the people. For the first time in years there were no traditional countdown or fireworks display to mark the new year at the famous Square!

I have nothing but contempt for these robbers of joy, these “Bangsat Jalanan” who have nothing better to do. They call themselves  activists but they fall into the category of  the worst kind of people that exist in Malaysia. Yes, exist and not live.


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