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I read early this morning on the news that the Malaysian government is embarking on cost-cutting measures as a response to criticisms on higher prices starting tomorrow for necessities such as electricity. By the way most food items, not in the control category, have already all increased.

People are generally unhappy not because the prices are getting higher but the quantum and the number of set-to-be costlier items that are coming so close together, hitting them like pieces of shit.

Government cost-cutting measures affecting civil service (courtesy: The STAR)

Government cost-cutting measures affecting civil service (courtesy: The STAR)

The ex- long serving Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir suggested last week that the government cut down cost to balance its financial commitments rather than passing on the higher cost to the public wholesale. The reaction from PM Najib is swift, the fastest way to cut cost is to do it on its civil service.

And so entertainment allowance of Ministers and civil servants will be cut,  no more business class travels, will have to pay more for tolls, no more 5-star hotel conferences, no more fancy cakes and foods during courses or meetings, warmer work environment and cramp office space; dilapidated government buildings (including government quarters) won’t be repaired/ renovated and perhaps broken down government vehicles including ambulances as well will be slow to be repaired? Senior civil servants also have to work and think harder as there would be no more outsourcing of brainpower,namely the appointment of consultants to do their jobs!

Civil servants would not be happy to welcome 2014 tomorrow.

I would like to suggest  more cuts such as electricity use by Seri Perdana (PM official residence) and that of Deputy PM’s  to be cut by 25%, use of private jets by Rosmah and her gang be cut by 100%, all Ministers use Proton Saga as official cars and free petrol be limited by 15% and please pay for all tolls. And no more lavish open houses during celebrations. And cease those  invitations to  K-Pop groups and that Gangnam style guy to act as crowd pullers at any government functions.

Wait a minute, will all those measures inadvertently breed corruptions?

It makes me rather sad  because I am used to seeing my senior civil servant friends in the business class of MAS (Malaysia Airlines) and I certainly will miss them from tomorrow 01 January 2014. An unhappy New Year indeed.


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