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Happy NY 2014_WP

  • In an hour’s time, 2013 will be gone forever and 2014 will yet be another year to look forward to.
  • It is easy to assess what is past and ponder upon them and strive to do better in the coming year.
  • The year 2013 is like a lighted trodden path and 2014 is yet dark and would only light up as we pass through it.
  • Challenges faced and lessons learnt in 2013 will help us to  improve in   2014.
  • Circumstances  may change to influence the way we do things in the new year but as long as we are clear on what we want to accomplish, we can navigate uncertainties  much better.
  • For most Malaysians, 2014 will teach us to be more frugal and innovative in dealing with increased prices of goods and services.
  • We must remain steadfast, nevertheless, and be grateful that our country is peaceful despite everything.

Happy NY 2014_WP-2

LiFe GoEs On


Happy New Year 2014 to all my Blog Visitors!


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