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Had he been the son of one of the richest businessmen in Malaysia like Ananda Krishnan, Tan Sri Kuok or Vincent Tan, Malaysians would not be perturbed reading about his ventures in Hollywood. After all the money poured out in the name of business belongs to his hardworking family whose company is likely to be public listed as well. Alas, he is not.

What is unnerving is the fact that he is Rosmah’s son and the step son of PM Najib, the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, basically a politician. Where the hell does he have that kind of money to fund a movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, with DiCaprio in it? All you readers need to go here and here to read the expose of a disturbing kind. Disturbing because while the step father is asking Malaysians to be patriotic by paying tax, tolerate the slew of cost hikes, here his step son is living like the Prince of Arabia in New York and Los Angeles, behaving as if there is a bottomless pit of money at his disposal.

Riza Aziz, third from left and his Holywood gang

Riza Aziz, third from left and his Hollywood gang

Bank rolling a movie dropped by mainstream studios because of its violence, sex and drug scenes is really screaming for attention. Those guys that he associates with are people who apparently have no good experience in producing movies. These kinds usually will hover around someone rich but marginal in nature in their country. For want of an association Riza happily forms part of their “gang”.

Whatever it is most of us find it distasteful, the stepson of the Prime Minister involving himself with this kind of movie ventures instead of practising his profession as an investment banker in businesses which are more acceptable and less risky to the public in general.

The source is his unlimited fund is also suspect. He did mention about his Middle East contacts and investors . Could Saudi Arabia be one of them? Seeing that Najib seems to be courting the Saudi Royalty of late. That could explain the massive fund injections. However we are still anxious about the role of the “First Family” in this whole dark narrative.

Many things cross our mind like the apparent inability of the Prime Minister to act on his cabinet members and their families who seem to splurge their wealth and abuse their position.

Is the fish head rotten?


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