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During this holiday season, air travels are often the only option. Despite all the promotion by the various airlines budget and full-service, when you actually want to book you would find that you would, most of the times, not get the coveted low priced-tickets. Apparently, a lot of the time, the tickets are all snapped up.

This was what happened to my nephew who is on holiday from Australia and wanted to visit his university friends in Sabah. He went online and I advised him to look at the Malindo Air offer as I had experienced once their service and found it not too bad. I told him to skip Air Asia as he would have to brave the elements both in LCCT Sepang and again at Kota Kinabalu airport as the budget airline does not use aerobridge. Moreover,  the current weather conditions have not been the best with frequent rain and wind.

So Danny happily went online to book his ticket. After going through all the “hidden charges” typical of any budget airlines, he found that he would be better off buying MAS ticket online. For Malindo Air, now no longer on promotion drive, the ticket, after factoring in advanced seat booking, meal,extra baggage weight, on top of the free 15kg allowance, the price is above MAS, in his case, by RM60.00. And yet MAS gives 30kg free baggage allowance. For excess 15kg baggage on Melindo Air, for both ways, the extra cost would be RM 40 x 3 x 2 = RM 240 ( RM40 for an excess of 5Kg). Gosh, that is way, way higher than MAS’s ticket! Definitely MAS offer a better value.

For economy travel, it is better to do your maths and be smart when choosing your ticket online. Most of the time, our perception of full service airline like MAS is expensive. But a smart traveller will always compare the areas of charges the airlines apply to the cost of their ticket.

There are actually no first class solutions on budget airlines in economy class!

There are actually no first class solutions on budget airlines in economy class!

So these budget airlines are actually okay for people who travel light, don’t care where they sit, don’t take meals on board, physically fit, not OKU ( for Air Asia and its X outfit), don’t care whether there is entertainment or not and who generally just want to fly with the real “no-frills”. It is not advisable for family travel because you might end up sitting everywhere and not together. To sit together and book in advance, you have to fork out RM15 per seat one way! ( for MAS, surprise, surprise , it is RM10 per seat one way)

"Laughter is the best medicine"

“Laughter is the best medicine”

Melindo Air is good at the moment for business-class travel but certainly not for economy travel and for those who are frequent travellers, MAS offers a better value for your travels. For MAS Silver Enrich card holder, you can still check in at business class counter despite flying on economy and my nephew is such a passenger and so Malaysia Airlines it is!


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