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The holiday season is upon us and my mind is also set in the mood. But being a creature of habit, I cannot stop reading. As if the materials in my professional field are not enough, I also delve  into other fields which pique my interest.

Only through reading will you  discover gold nuggets of learning and experiences, ideas and thoughts. And so I want to share with you a stream of thoughts by an anonymous writer who posted them in one of my favourite  blogs.

The writer has named his/her piece as “Ways to destroy a Nation”. I find it very well thought-out and written. The points presented allude to what is happening now in Malaysia among people whose mind is tethered due to entrenched phobia and who dwell upon ethnocentrism to feed their insecurity. Unfortunately they also cause much uneasiness in others not in the same belief system.

“Quote” (verbatim)

Anonymous said…

Ways to destroy a nation;

1. Cut their strenght in half, encourage their womenfolk to stay at home, limit their education, ask them to wear clothing which will limit their movements. psychologically they will feel inferior to the men. Make them believe that they are the main reason, their men sin and that there are more women in hell then men. Send the men to fight crusades, when they die, their ignorant women will raise their daughters and sons, and the cycle will continue. Encourage their men to marry more wifes, so the rate of uneducated children will grow exponentially. Tell the men that God will take care of their family, this will remove any sense of responsibility from them.

2. Limit their education. Encourage them to learn a language in which knowledge is limited. Make it a heavenly language, only spoken in heaven. Encourage false edicts, which will limit their full god given potential. This will prevent them from learning knowledge from other nations with different languages.

3. Limit their potential, by telling them that what they have on earth, has already been fated for them and that to change it, is a sin, because they are challenging God, this will make them lazy. Tell them instead of finding solutions, they should pray for a solution, and keep on praying until they receive a solution. Hopefully by then it will be to late.

4. Limit their influence, make them feel special and different from others. They will look down on others and they will not mix around. History has shown, the greatest way of spreading an influence is by mixing with other nations. Make their life difficult with strange edicts and laws, this will also make other foreign nation not want to be like them.

5. Every nation, has a respected religious person with a uniform, ensure our agents will have the perfect religious uniform, so that they will get respect, this will allow them to carry out steps 1 to 4 easily.

6. Create disunity, this is easy, our various agents will preach different religious theories, so that different groups will emerge, and hopefully will fight each other. Leaving step 1 to go smoothly.

7. Make them believe that there is no point working hard in this “life” and that the afterlife is much more better. Some one praying 24 hours ( in mosques, monastaries, temples etc..) is so much better than some one working creating new technology, knowledge, helping others etc…

8.Make them believe that God thinks and acts like normal human beings. (The christians already believe he made humans in his image) That God can be angry, jealous, vengeful etc. This will make them do things which any sane men or women will not do, (Sacrifice a child for God, as an example. If God is all knowing, why does he test humans, shouldnt he know what is going to happen?)

9. Lastly make them believe the end is near, people will stop working, living, and creating if they think the world is going to end soon.

Above is some of the methods to destroy a nation. If done correctly, in one generation, a lot of potentials can be destroyed.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 10:55:00 PM


I wish more people would read this piece and think hard.


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