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Mandela, South Africa’s beloved first black President, has passed away  at age 95, on Thursday 5 December 2013.

Words and phrases describing Mandela:

Human rights activist

An Anti-Apartheid Icon

South Africa’s “Greatest Son”

A paragon of moral strength

A hero of our time

A giant for justice

A towering individual

A man of quiet dignity

Legacy of peace and perseverance

Supernatural gifts of  inner strength, forgiveness and Reconciliation


Unwavering grace


An epitome of humility

An unsurpassed healer of human hearts

Transformative and influential figure in human history

Unimpeachable moral character and integrity

World’s most admired and revered public figure

A Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

One of World’s finest human beings

Moral courage, kindness and humility

A great man of vision and determination

A defender of freedom, justice and equality

A stranger to hate and revenge

Powerful example of redemption and grace

A great believer of democracy and diversity

A man of the people and a man of their hearts

Peacemaker extraordinaire

Nelson Mandela (Madiba) - God's finest gift to South Africa and the world (net image)

 God’s finest gift to South Africa and the World , Nelson Mandela (“Madiba”) 1918-2013 (net image)

 May You Rest In Peace

 Your beautiful legacy will live on in our hearts and in the hearts of millions of  people who love peace and yearn for  justice and equality.




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