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Heard great news this morning about the arrest of the guard who shot dead the bank officer in cold blood and robbed the bank of some RM450k. We must all congratulate our police force for their dedicated  and successful hunt of the monster. They have done a great job. We are proud of them whilst not forgetting the public cooperation with tips and information.

Caught at last, the evil killer guard

Caught at last, the evil killer guard – (net image)

And now the important thing is for the prosecution to frame properly their charges for this brutal killer.

There is no such things as manslaughter in this case. Prove that it is a premeditated murder so that the sentence befits the crime.

While I am not comfortable with the death penalty, I feel this evil man should be incarcerated for life with whippings and hard labour.

I have noted a number of murder  cum robbery cases in the past, after years of waiting and months of trial ended up with a lighter sentence of manslaughter which is far easier for the prosecution to prove and so less hassle for them. Prosecution seems to take the easy way out to end a trial, either they are incompetent, the defence lawyers are just too good or they are just pure lazy. They’d better not fail the public in prosecuting this heinous crime.

I join other Malaysians in calling for due justice for the dead female bank officer and her family.


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