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When I first read the news of this monstrous Saudi Arabian cleric in February this year, I could not believe the story because it was just too unthinkable in its  brutality. How could a man of God do these horrible things to his 5-year old daughter? It was pure sadism that  has resulted in the death of the little girl. Before her death the girl suffered from horrific injuries inflicted by the man, her so-called father.

When I came across his sentence in this report, I was utterly astounded at the inadequacy of it. For torture and killing the monster only gets to spend eight years in jail and 600 lashes, yes, lashes and not whipping ( not the kind of  strong whippings that we normally associate the punishment with).

And yet a thief will have his hand cut off and a convicted adulterer will be stoned to death and a foreign maid who killed her male employer for  torturing and raping her was beheaded!

The monster should be incarcerated  for life as the  psychopath is likely to reoffend when he comes out of prison. Some innocent lives are at dire risk with this man in their midst.

To me this country’s justice system sucks bigtime!


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