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Fury and sadness overcame me when I was shown the report of the merciless shooting of a female bank officer by the Bank’s own guard this morning by my colleague on his mobile. There is even the photo of the unfortunate 37 year old woman with half her skull and face ripped off; such was a close impact of the shotgun meant to protect the Bank and its staff.

The  online news report without the gory scene can be read here.

Screen shot of the culprit

Screen shot of the culprit described by police as bold  and heartless (net image)

This is clearly the work of a highly desperate man devoid of any human feeling. Killing someone whom he is supposed to protect is not only downright despicable but an ultimate act of betrayal of the highest kind. My hairs stand on end.

Rubbing salt into wounds, the guard turned robber has been found to possess a fake identification card (IC) and he is  from Sabah, that East Malaysian state which is infamous for issuance of ICs to illegal immigrants.

After years of public complaints on the surge in foreign population in Sabah, the Federal government has at last set up The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into the allegations and found many undermining truths on lying politicians and corrupt government officials which have been swept under the carpet all these years. And it so happened that the RCI has just completed its tasks a couple of months ago and is set to submit a report by the end of this year. Prime Minister Najib’s government  should act on the RCI findings to restore the confidence of the rakyat (citizens) as he has earlier promised.

Whoever the brutal killer robber is, the likelihood that he is in fact a foreigner from a neighbouring country is very high. This kind of violence is rare: shooting  the victim in the face!

In fact there are cases of foreigners having  ICs issued in Sabah and are working here in Peninsular Malaysia in the factories, hotel industry, restaurants and the like. The police should check them all to determine the authenticity of their documents to stop criminal elements from committing violent crimes such as this.

The company which provides the security service to the bank should also be investigated for their failure to vet the man properly and the bank should be vicariously responsible for the death of the employee. The officer’s family should never treat her death as fated. They should sue the bank silly!

Why can’t such a big bank have its own security guard service like Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank)? Outsourcing security service is an easy way out for some organisations in Malaysia but the price could be unacceptably high as in this case.

I hope the Police will get this man fast. I pray justice will be done to this young woman whose bad luck is working for an organisation which deals with lots of money tempting sociopathic criminals like “Ardi Hamza” which I doubt that is his blinking name.


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