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The major part of the UMNO 2013 election has been completed. We  have now come to know that UMNO “grassroots” have no qualm about electing tainted candidates and non-performing candidates. They are so sure about retaining continuous political power that they have failed to appreciate that those flawed candidates are the ones being evaluated by Malaysian electorates and could use them as models to reject UMNO in the next GE.

The election results showing firm retention of the status quo testifies to the lack of courage to change. It is not just for the sake of change but more about restoring the image of the party by getting rid of a tainted politician  and politicians who have poor performance records in their capacities as ministers.

The election confirms that UMNO delegates follow blindly their strange leaders who won uncontested. As they no longer have eyes (and the organ between their ears), they blindly resist the entry of new blood into the upper layer of the party. They follow the herd headlong and neither do they care about the party’s image and bad reputation.

The delegates voted with their feet.

I am not campaigning for anyone but all I have been harping on is the need for  UMNO  to clean its house through this important election but unfortunately the golden opportunity is now lost.

Challenging Status Quo is only for the free and courageous... the timid are like yoked cattle.

Challenging Status Quo is  for the free and the courageous… the timid are like yoked cattle.

The uninspiring leadership is also party to this outcome, believing that its ways of doing things will be affected by the entry of new faces into its equation. The same pattern is seen at the local levels when new and young intellectuals are prevented from joining the party unless they are related to the local leaders: looks to me like the  features of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Notice the subtle similarities?

I describe the leadership as uninspiring due to its lack of transparency and creativity in reforming the party. Transforming is not good enough when you are saddled with senior supreme council members who lack integrity and those who lack capability. It is also not inspiring because it chooses to remain silent on many major issues. It has the tendency to expect problems to resolve by themselves. It is too dependent on “fixed-deposit” States thus letting parochialism  determine a successful yet mediocre VP candidate.

Another observation was how foreign news portals and opposition-friendly  ones  had relentlessly attacked Tun Mahathir’s son, Mukhriz and alluding to the establishment of a dynasty should he be elected as a VP. It  does seem that the opposition would rather have the status quo retained to show how “stupid” UMNO is, well they have succeeded in duping the poor leadership and in making fools of UMNO delegates in general.

The tragedy is when these UMNO delegates think that, by retaining the status quo,   they are being loyal to “pucuk pimpinan parti” (leadership) and that they stand united. What a pathetic lot!

On reflection, Tun Mahathir’s support of a no-contest for top two posts has come back to haunt him because it breeds blind loyalty right across the board in the party, emerging as an ominous sign for UMNO : while it is similar to CPC in some ways, it doesn’t, thanks God, operate in the  same  political system.

And so people, it’s business as usual for UMNO, consultant-dependent PM Najib and his English-unfriendly/resistant Deputy: they are all suffering from “syiok sendiri” (self-satiated) syndrome.

And congratulations to Pakatan Rakyat as their path to wresting Putrajaya in GE14 will definitely face less political headwinds.


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