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I am despondent over my country which has become more islamic in form over the last 20 odd years but worse than greedy capitalist pigs in substance. The report here about Malaysia being among the most corrupt nations in the world next to China and  Indonesia is utterly depressing. All the so-called blinking anti-corruption transformation activities initiated by PM Najib through PEMANDU ( Performance Management and Delivery Unit )  since he assumed power in 2009 apparently have failed to achieve real targets on the ground.

This is what happens when graft transformation programs  are half-baked

This is what happens when graft transformation programs are half-baked

You see more people going to the mosques, Muslim government servants, both men and women would stop work to pray.Try getting some of them around 4pm and the likelihood of you being told that such and such an officer is not available because he or she has gone to pray is now very high. You would never see this religious paranoia a couple of decades ago.

I remember coming down to the international immigration booths at the KLIA main terminal entry point and  noted only one non-Muslim woman manning it and there were scores of air travellers waiting to be processed. In fact the sole woman, out of desperation, blurted out that the other officers had gone to pray! I also came across a Malaysia airlines steward praying precariously near the toilet of the aircraft while the plane was airborne! Such a show of religious fervour!

How religious everybody has become and yet their  their faith is only practiced at the superficial level, when comes to making money through corrupt practices, there appears to be no holds barred. From religious enforcement officers to the top executives of GLCs, you find layers of corruption. Many of these people are nothing but fakes.

I am sure there are also good and non-corrupt and God-fearing officers but their number seems to be in the minority. They are not making as much impact as their corrupt brethren.

Preoccupation with form  is never more prevalent  (net image)

Preoccupation with form is never more prevalent
(net image)

With all these religious forms evolving  with such speed wouldn’t you think they would be feeling guilty of committing sins? Because corruption is mentioned in the Holy Book as a sin. Unfortunately the so called ulamak (religious scholars) have failed to analyse this sin deeply instead their priorities  are more on making women bundled up like Arab women and their in-depth analysis is on how and  what a Muslim woman should be, behave and look like! A rabid  preoccupation with form because it is easier to control than the lurking mind.

The body is fully clothed but the mind could well be truly naked.

The government can come up with loads of programs to combat corruption but if sincere efforts are not undertaken to monitor these activities by employing tracking indicators, they will not succeed. Even the fear of God doesn’t change the predilection for corruption.

The present KPIs for corruption are outcome-based instead of process-based. When you go through the process you can see the flaws inherent in men and women that you need to address. Tracking outcomes and performing corrective measures are too late and will not allow internalised learning by all concerned. We will not be successful tackling corruption using the existing methodology. Another critical factor is that ownership of anti-corruption strategies should be made clear to all stakeholders.

Anti corruption fight should be pervasive whereby schools are also  involved in educating the children on the negative impact on their livelihood when corruption is rampant in the country. In short, this war against corruption is  a protracted mission.

It is far easier to change one’s clothes than one’s attitude.

The more we are a high-income nation, the more corrupt our executives are going to be. All the anti-corruption strategies are only lip service. If the rakyat (citizens) are observing how corrupt the government politicians are, how do you stop them from following suit? Truly I am sick of all this double talk by  bloody corrupt politicians. Compare the assets of UMNO politicians to those of PAS and you will see what I mean.

We will not come out of this scourge unless there is a strong political will to combat it but I doubt that this will ever happen under the present UMNO leadership. They would rather maintain the status quo and popularity for their political survival at the expense of the country’s long-term well being.

My heart goes out to my Motherland.


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