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The conflict in Syria is protracted (since 2011), devastating,brutal and bloody. The number of refugees leaving the country has been unprecedented according to CNN news reports. What could have been managed by the government as internal problems has now developed into a full scale civil war.

The situation would not have evolved to this stage had it not been for foreign intervention, be it in words,weapons supply or mercenaries. The Europeans, the Americans and quite sadly Syria’s own Arab neighbours the likes of Saudi Arabia have a role in the escalation of the conflict. Those non-Arab countries throw in their support for the opposition ostensibly in the name of democracy. As for Saudi Arabia, it’s more on sectarian considerations : Assad’s Alawite Shiite and Saudi’s Sunni. Most of Syrian population are Sunni so Saudi’s support of the local Sunni rebels is obvious.

President Putin comes up best in this Syrian Conflict. someone the World can trust to stop further loss of lives

President Putin comes up best in this Syrian Conflict. someone the World can trust to stop further loss of lives and sufferings

What right does any other country have to interfere in the internal problems of a sovereign country? In all these months and particularly of recent weeks, I have only heard the restrained voice of President Putin of Russia. Incidentally without Russia, Syria would have been cowed a long time ago  by western governments with the tacit support of Saudi Arabia.

The chemical attack which occurred about three weeks ago near Damascus has been blamed on the Syrian regime and President Obama has wanted to scramble  a surgical missile strike on Syria as a retaliation and a punishment though reportedly Americans generally  do not seem to support it. Thanks to the many voices of reason, UN and Russia that have successfully delayed the American President’s decision to strike citing endorsement from Congress.

Who actually used the chemical to attack causing indiscriminate deaths among the civilians near the centre of the government? President Assad vehemently denied the accusation and Russia, his long-term ally, seems to believe him. And now the latest reports here, some information yet to be further verified, have pointed to the culprits being the rebels themselves. And the chemicals are apparently supplied by Saudi Arabia to Al Qaeda group of fighters/rebels. This is the same group which attacked America on 09 September 2001! And to think that America is now supporting this group against Syria? I just don’t get it.

The Syrian army is winning the war according to President Putin, why then would they resort to this unspeakably brutal attack against their own citizens? Only hopelessly desperate people would resort to this heinous act to win international support and  to cross that “RED LINE” verbally drawn by President Obama earlier, alluding to it  as a signal for American military intervention in Syria. The accusation against President Assad’s use of chemical weapon may well be misplaced.

The Syrian conflict with accompanying thousands of deaths and  untold sufferings could  have been resolved by its government without foreign intervention. The current Assad’s government would likely be far more capable and superior than the one to be “established” by disparate groups of angry rebels should they be victorious.

If Russia is able to help resolve the current impasse on the issue of chemical attack and avert further loss of lives, then (Hello Norwegian Nobel Committee);  President Putin should be awarded the Nobel  Peace Prize for 2013. But if the CNN article is to be believed, it is not an easy path to the recognition for Putin. There are always two sides to a coin. Whichever it is , only time will tell.

At any rate, President Obama, please hands off Syria!


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