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Reading the news on the increasing spate of ATM robberies has become quite a depressing moment. These desperate people would come around with high-powered oxy-acetylene torch even a forklift to dismantle the machines and took them away in the wee hours of the morning or late at night. They even have the audacity to go into shopping malls let alone petrol stations to accomplish their dastardly mission: to get easy money.

Despite the security and CCTV devices, we have yet to hear anyone or gang being caught of the crime. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of Ringgit have been carted away and it seems the gangs are still not satiated and have ,in fact, become habitual offenders.

It is therefore a welcome move by BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia), Central Bank of Malaysia to come up with measures to deter these criminals from continuing with their unquenchable thirst for easy money by installing Currency Protection Device (CPD) to render the money stolen from ATMs unusable (read here).

Examples of dye-stained banknotes from the UK. Beware, do not accept such dye-stained Ringgit  as they may be stolen in Malaysia !

The campaign to inform the public is similar to the one in the UK (here).

The public is asked to cooperate by being vigilant of these dye-stained banknotes and not to accept them. There are procedures regarding the staining which involves compensation should it be found not the result of criminal activities as outlined by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Let us all be vigilant and support this measure to defeat the criminals. Let us not allow them to profit from the proceeds of crime.


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