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The current crackdown and ensuing violence on pro-Morsi protesters in Egypt  by security forces is sad and unacceptable. Many deaths have been reported since the authorities moved in to disperse the camps on Wednesday 14 Aug 2013.

Thousands seem to stand their ground as they demand for ex-President Morsi to be reinstated and it seemed that is non-negotiable. When told to go home they responded by saying they would rather go to the graveyard: such is their resolve. And so more casualties are reported as the violence continues. Some members of the security forces were also shot dead allegedly by protesters.

Morsi - Leader of Muslim Brotherhood and not  of Egyptians.

Deposed President Morsi – Leader of Muslim Brotherhood and not of Egyptians.

As the event unfolded, doesn’t anyone ever wonder that the senseless violence and deaths could have been avoided? It speaks volumes of the character of leaders of Muslim Brotherhood. Not only do their stance is one of exclusiveness, they would rather destroy the country to defend their brand of government. Clearly Morsi is a leader of Muslim Brotherhood rather than that of Egypt.

Morsi should declare himself as a leader of Egyptians and work towards unity and harmony instead of defending only the majority of voters who are Muslim Brotherhood followers. Here is how democracy is not the answer to a country’s political woes. The government cannot be strong  if minorities are marginalised.

Before the army’s take over of the regime, Morsi, instead of being conciliatory, chose to dwell on long rhetorics and not high on substance. The numbers have gone to his head. He would rather destroy Egypt than his religious ideology – a misplaced principle.

By analogy, imagine if Prime Minister  Najib insists that he is a leader of UMNO (United Malay National Organisation)  rather than of Malaysia. All his actions and non-actions would only benefit the Malays much to the detriment of non-Malays. To preserve harmony he should style himself as a leader of Malaysians and fortunately for us he is attempting doing just that. He must never overlook the minorities’ interests. Minorities in this context, include people of other faiths, other races and the so called Muslim Liberals.

A religious political leader doesn’t seem to fit in today’s democratic world. His inflexible ideology is destructive and a hindrance to modern management of the country’s economy.


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