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I cannot help but compare  Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee  to  Bonnie and Clyde, an American couple infamous for their daring  strings of robberies and killings in central part of America during the Great Depression .  By the way, the couple was finally caught and shot by law enforcement officers after a massive manhunt. Would Clyde do what he did without Bonnie and vice versa?

And so I am asking whether Alvin would do all those stupid,insensitive and thoughtless acts without Vivian. The wicked attraction has led to their wilful behaviours online and they seem to relish on public outcry without a sense of shame.

Here is a promising young man who was given a scholarship to study law in University of Singapore giving up everything to satisfy his childish preoccupation with publicity and he unfortunately met the right woman who shares his craving.

What they did in the privacy of their home was posted online for the world to oogle. Their naked sex video earned them the title of sexbloggers. And as if it was not enough, they went on to elicit the wrath of Muslims in Malaysia by posting that infamous breaking of fast with “Bak Kut Teh” or pork ribs herbal soup on their Facebook. And this time they cannot get away as angry Muslims performing the fast in the Holy Month of Ramadhan demanded that action be taken against the two for disrespecting their religion and inciting hatred.

Muslim and non-Muslim politicians and even an ex-Prime Minister joined in the fray to condemn the two. Their fate is as good as sealed. They are summarily charged, and with sedition to boot and, lo and behold, are refused bail and sent to prison while awaiting for their trial. All these events took place in the space of less than 10 days!

Since almost everyone is crying for their blood, the authorities decide that they should be charged, put on trial and punished  for their transgression but by denying them bail? Well,  that is another matter.

They hurt peoples’ feelings and provoke anger  but they did not commit any physical harm, inflict violence or agitation. Even a child rapist in a recent case in East Malaysia  is given bail. Bail was also given to the perpetrators of cow head incident in Shah Alam in 2009 that was seen as a deliberate affront to the Hindu faith.


It does look like this rejection of bail in Alvivi’s case is rather too excessive and pandering on herd sentiment. A dangerous precedent which I find most disturbing, and deeply assaulting my sense of fairness.

I am wondering whether anyone who contributed to this seemingly gone overboard decision could be at peace with themselves and sleep well at night  knowing these two idiotic, narcissistic and impulsive youths are being incarcerated before even being proven guilty?

Why can’t they be given bail with the condition that if they upload on the internet any incendiary or undesirable materials they will be sent straight to prison? That would have been sufficiently deterrent for them.


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