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The world has generally and gradually come to tolerate or accept people of different sexual orientation. We are told that we should respect their choice of lifestyles and that it is not politically correct to deny these people their right to express themselves.

So strong is the promotion of this “abnormal”  lifestyle that of recent years more and more of western countries are legalising same sex marriages much to the chagrin of sections of their society. Beginning with the most liberal countries like Holland to England, France, some states in US and even the down under, New Zealand: they have all passed  the law to legalise this union.

And so we have these people boldly and proudly coming out one by one to say that they are in the spectrum of LGBT. Prominent celebrities like Elton John, Anderson Cooper (CNN news guy), Charice (the Filipino sensational singer) and close to home, recently an opposition Member of Parliament in Singapore, Vincent Wijeysingha  have openly declared their sexual status in the said spectrum and feel good about themselves.

Some of us,especially those who are educated in the west, have not much problem with the current changing sex culture. We accept that due to perhaps chemical or hormonal  abnormalities these people behave the way they do which is against the biological norm of the society.

Personally I have always maintained that same sex couple can legalise their union but I have reservation about them adopting children. Following my last posting on this kind of union that was triggered by the uproar in Britain when one of the MPs spoke out against such couple adopting children, I was lambasted online for being unsympathetic towards same sex couple who wants to have children and raise a “modern family”.

My stand started years ago when a gay man who “illegally” adopted a small boy in Melaka ( a southern state in West Malaysia) was reported to have sexually abused the child chronically. And today I came across this report (read here) about the ghastly story of abuse perpetrated by same sex couple on an innocent child whom they have adopted and taught to be “abnormal” as well. This human depravity is stranger than fiction.

This outrageous act could also happen in a different sex couple but and unless some kind of research or meta-analysis of child sexual abuse reports are done, I would think that it is far more likely to occur in male same sex couple.

By the way, I would define both Peter Truong  and Mark J. Newton as mutually deranged and  sociopathic and label them as grotesque. The long sentence in prison is warranted and may they get what they deserve there. Prisoners find paedophiles and homosexuals most despicable and would assault the life out of them.

Most importantly communities the world over should be on guard against these heinous predators and protect their children.


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