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I just wonder what the fanatical supporters of each camp, BN (National Front)  and Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Coalition) would have thought when they see photographs of Anwar and Najib appearing friendly at the swearing-in ceremony at the Parliament  yesterday 24 June 2013.  I reckon for the “uneducated”. they would feel confused. How come two leaders who are in opposing  parties and who don’t like each other, who badmouth each other behave in this manner in public?  That is politics for you.

If the leaders can put on such behaviours, so too can the supporters but unfortunately it is usually not the case. On the ground you see parents ,children , siblings and spouses have their relationships severed  because of their political affiliations, differences  and beliefs. They don’t even want to pray in the same mosque!

Anyway I am more interested in the non-verbal language,in this case captured on camera.

PM Najib (L), Pandikar Amin Mulia, Anwar Ibrahim (R)

PM Najib (L), Pandikar Amin Mulia, Anwar Ibrahim (R)

While the Speaker (Pandikar) has his hands firmly on his knees in an official manner and trying to appear non-partisan, he is most probably feeling ticklish at having to pose between these two leaders. With his lips tight but his eyes are smiling. Pandikar is ready for business and the tumultuous time ahead. I hope he has his heart medication handy.

Now look at Najib’s hands, loosely clapsed while looking  relaxed but look at those thighs closed together he obviously has anxiety on his mind though  facing Anwar and smiling away. Anwar on the other hand is clasping his hands into a fist as if saying “Here I am ready for battle” and his thighs are slightly apart showing his confidence in demolishing Najib  during a debate: any time, anywhere and on any subject.

The two, Najib and Anwar certainly try hard to appear natural but their body language says otherwise.

For some their body language really tells us how they feel, look at Obama and Putin at the recent G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, June 17 2013, hosted by UK PM David Cameron.

US President Obama (L) and Russian president Putin at G8 meeting Ireland

US President Obama (L) and Russian President Putin at G8  Summit, Northern Ireland

Look at how they sit. There is no indication of being of the same mind. Both are bent on protecting their interests. Putin certainly looks dour, unhappy with downcast eyes. Obama tries to be natural but he always closes his lips tightly whenever he wants to show decisiveness despite appearing uncertain. Putin straddles his seat, with feet wide apart, assuming a stance of great confidence and perhaps arrogance as well unlike Obama’s stance towards humility.

Yes, you guess it, both leaders do not see eye to eye regarding the question of Syria. The EU and US want to supply weapons to Syrian rebels and Putin vigorously opposes as that would set a precedent for any legitimate government to be toppled by such forces. The war in Chechnya would have continued to this day had the Islamist rebels been supplied with weapons by other countries.

Unlike Malaysian hypocritical leaders, the two hardly smile for the camera except during a handshake and the odd minutes.

A strong country requires a leader of great diplomacy but not hypocrisy.


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