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As the UMNO General Assembly is getting nearer, we have been hearing  proposals from within UMNO for the top two positions of President and Deputy President not to be contested. The reason given being, if contests are allowed, there would be possible detriment, division and conflict in the party.

The ex- Prime Minister and long-serving UMNO president has voiced his support of no-contest proposal  here, speaking from his experience in the past. Other UMNO politicians  like the Chief Minister of Pahang  feels a contest should be allowed. A blog  (outsyed the box) which ran a poll for his readers to vote whether there should be a contest or not recorded 95% ( over 1000 votes) wanting a contest reflecting the general view of his mostly Malay readers.

Despite embracing democracy for more than 50 years since Independence, UMNO members are still unable to face its principle of majority choice. The loser backed by a minority is bound to cause chaos and segregation and hence weakening the party. Basically most UMNO members lack political maturity.

UMNO General Assembly - Najib and Muhyiddin can hang up their gloves, can't they?

UMNO General Assembly 2013 – Najib and Muhyiddin can hang up their gloves, can’t they?

Come to think of it, UMNO has in recent years produced leaders on the premise of no-contest. So they have Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak and Muhyiddin. The first one started the rut  and was “gently” forced to step down, the second and third have not done any better in terms of getting UMNO back on track pre-2008 debacle. And yet they still appear to want to go for no-contest to keep churning non-performing leaders.

Without a contest, UMNO the dominant partner in BN (National Front) that  recently won the general election with a reduced number of seats, will have the same leaders possibly overseeing its demise in GE14.

The President of UMNO is automatically the chairman of BN (Barisan Nasional) which is a coalition of parties, the other major ones being MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association)  and MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress). He also automatically becomes the Prime Minister should the coalition won. It is therefore crucial to elect someone who can lead and deliver in the next GE14.

The members’ voices are typically drowned by fear mongering party veterans and insecure grassroots. What’s the use of enlarging the number of party delegates eligible to vote in its General Assembly if there is no contest for all the posts? An increase in number of voting members is to stem corrupt practices which were rampant during UMNO general assembly when wealthy candidates paid the delegates for their votes for the supreme council’s seats.

It’s like the Communist Party of China (CPC), there is no contest for its top post, it has been decided earlier and the 2000 delegates just endorsed it. You can excuse them because they do not practice multi-party democracy like us and most other countries do. In fact, there is hardly any election  in China. But the major difference is they replace their top leaders every 10 years giving younger members an opportunity to lead.  So there appears to be  unity in the party and country. No conflict,  no  infighting,  no voice… er er.. no rights. A utopia?

To be transparent and to submit to majority’s wishes, there must be a contest. That is the time when you as members of a party must decide who should lead you and be responsible for your choice. For all you know the delegates might want to retain the current top leaders and that is of course their prerogative. However if the practice of no-contest for top posts is entrenched then you should not whinge when your rights are suppressed by those above and around you.

Because you are no longer  supposed to have a voice.


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