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Anwar Ibrahim and his gang have  managed to stage another fiery rally yesterday 22 June 2013 as part of his ongoing protest against the outcome of the recent GE13 held over six weeks ago.This time it was held ever closer to the streets of Kuala Lumpur. If you studied the street map of Kuala Lumpur you would have noticed the strategic position of the field where all inbound traffics converge.

The uploaded videos showed quite a crowd of supporters who would otherwise have nothing to do on a Saturday. Mostly males, wearing black (except for Lim Kit Siang wearing grey) and generally the crowd consisted more Malays than Chinese this time around. This is a strange observation considering the majority of residents in KL is Chinese and they have featured prominently in earlier PKR’s urban rallies.

There was a video showing a member of KL City Hall being assaulted by individuals in the crowd. Some chaotic scenes showing the crowd’s tendency to behave like a stampeding herd. There was an element of marching despite warning by authorities.

The speeches were similar, mainly questioning the integrity of the election commission with the ruling Coalition’s  perceived support.

Apparently they have now graduated to making demands. Their three demands are as follows:

  1. All Election Commission (EC) members must resign
  2. All disputed GE13 seats must have fresh elections
  3. Stop all electoral boundary delineation process till a new EC is formed.

My interest is on the  leader of the Opposition’s speech.

Anwar Ibrahim- the clothing is black and so is his heart.

Anwar Ibrahim- the clothing is black and so is his heart.

Anwar Ibrahim, as the main protagonist and as usual was doing what he knows best, pulling yarns and playing to the gallery with his choice of  incendiary words.

He started off by informing the crowd that he was given the honour of being invited to Jakarta last week by the Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono  (SBI) to explain to him about the election fraud in Malaysia. And according to the horse’s mouth he spent 90 minutes being feted by the president of the most populous Muslim Country in the world. His egoism is palpable.

He seemed to enjoy recounting how important he felt and that he is receiving support from Indonesia which once waged a “confrontation” on Malaysia by landing their soldiers to fight on our soil as a protest for forming Malaysia.

Could Najib have  been invited by SBY for a similar informal meeting  too? As Najib was there in Jakarta at the same time as Anwar.  If that is the case, Najib has, so far, chosen to remain silent.

Listen guys, this man Anwar is dangerous to Malaysia. By cavorting with foreign governments he is putting our country at their disposal: whither our sovereignty?   In 1998 it was with the Americans and now the Indonesians. Do we want this kind of leader for Malaysia? He is likely to  kowtow to the Indon leadership should he be in power.

I am proud of my heritage and I don’t want to have to change my future generation names to Hadikusumo, Mulyadi,Salim, Hartono or whatever the Indonesians name is, as that is what the Chinese are reduced to in Indonesia: an emasculated economic power.

So I would like to call on my Chinese brethren, using the same words as Anwar’s in his opening speech at Padang Merbok yesterday, 22 June 2013, and blindly echoed by the big and rather imbecilic crowd: Bangkit! Bangkit! Bangkit! (Rise! Rise! Rise!).  Rise here means wake up.

Wake up and see for yourself that all these so-called protests are about one man that is Anwar who hungers for power (for revenge) and would use anything at his disposal to get it and all of you are his mere vehicle.

How does it feel to be used?

And till when are you all going to wear black? Prolonged mourning is a mental sickness leading to an inability to move on.


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