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Proverbs are used to describe something obliquely. This is a way of creating an imagery which enriches the language and most  people educated in the broadest sense would understand their meanings.

In the course of our life , we are faced with many challenges, personal or public. Much of our unhappiness would be with things we consider as unfair. Some unfairness is deliberate while others is perceived or even  incidental. Quite often the unfairness per se is not important but the way we handle it, is.

In a country like ours where egalitarianism is but a dream, unfairness is not only deliberate but systematic, well, entrenched. If you think that everyone is created equal, then you are going to be extremely dejected that it is actually far from being so. In truth, the hierarchical and heterogeneous society that we live in is open to a lot of contention.

It is therefore of crucial importance that people with power vested in perpetuity should not make comments or statements which sound partisan. It is hard for cyber citizens not to express themselves at the click when they perceive unfairness at play. Though the law on sedition is there but not everyone is aware of its implications especially if the person is neither a follower of the mainstream media nor is he/she culturally sensitised.

Any punishment, in this sedition case, needs to take into considerations the political atmosphere  currently prevailing in the country. It should be tempered with compassion.

By the way, if one is not supposed to be offended, one should not freely use one’s high and mighty position to sound offensive.

In short, people living in glass houses should not throw stones.


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