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In light of the brutal broad daylight murder of a white British soldier in London on 22 May 2013 by a so-called black Islamist, people are anxiously wondering what kind of a human being that has so much hatred that he is able to kill his targeted symbol of hostility at random.

In trying to understand the mind behind this diabolical act, I read about the admission of someone who was once like the above killer. This article (” I was a radical Islamist who hated all of you”) could give us some ideas on how a person is made to  morph mentally and becomes a radical.

The need to express one’s disappointment and anger is crucial if one were to let out steam and achieve some kind of gratification. Unfortunately if anger becomes pathological and  is expressed such that another human being ended up dead or mortally wounded, then the ramifications could be  worse than the bleeding emotion.

Some people are so angry at being let down or victimised that they would scream and rant  their hearts out. That is fine but what happens when rantings and screamings are just not good enough to satisfy your craving for revenge? You will revert unconsciously to that infantile mind that naturally forces you to get  back at the source of your uncontrolled anger.

Have you ever observed a child between the age of 18 months to 36 months that turns wild and lost his temper by throwing everything in his midst?  And I would hazard to speculate that had he had a knife or a gun with him he would even stab or shoot the object which has caused his unbridled anger. He  has no conscience and neither is he capable of feeling guilty nor remorse. A young child also has no capacity to think of the consequences of his action. He only acquires this learned trait through socialisation.

Radicalisation tends to occur in an environment of extreme religiosity, perceived injustice and social marginalisation. In European countries, racism seems to have played an important role for coloured immigrants to join in groups which provide some sort of security. If the group thrives on hatred then the indoctrinated and  emboldened members will likely to act out against the source of that emotion.

A disturbed mind loses the acquired ability to think of the consequences of its actions.

And so you have the 9/11 perpetrators who killed innocent people at random while targeting the symbol of their hatred. The backlash against the people of that faith was also swift and horrendous. In the London murder,a similar response is occurring. A London Mosque was burnt down, here,  most likely by people who have a mountain of anger against the killer whose faith is represented by the mosque.

A disturbed mind has the tendency of attracting another in a community. Unless the community gets together to address the sensitive social issues, the vicious cycle of violence and revenge will perpetuate and community members will not be able to live in peace.


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