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It is said that we learn a lot through making mistakes. We learn a lot from reading others’ comments on our performance. We learn from listening to others’ views and we learn only if we don’t close our mind.

In trying to rejuvenate the wounded ruling coalition, BN leaders need to come together to plan and strategise for the next GE14. Unless it starts now, it can say farewell to Putrajaya in five years’ time.

It is now more than three weeks after the general election which shows certain glaring pattern of voting. The pattern is there and it is its mechanics and dynamics  that need to be analysed and strategies formulated to address the so-called root causes.

Daim Zainuddin - Astute and hard-hitting

Daim Zainuddin – Astute and hard-hitting

I have always respected the astute mind of Tun Daim Zainuddin, Malaysia’s clever ex-Finance Minister. He has been giving interviews on Malaysian political scenarios. This particular one (read here – Incorrect strategy cost BN votes) on BN’s poor showing at the recent GE13 is worth looking at by both BN supporters and non-supporters.

I am impressed by the use of the term “political clown” because that is what I have always wanted to describe Anwar Ibrahim after watching many of his videos on the net. Daim has advised Najib to stay away from that “clowning” strategy.

You can observe  both sides of the political divide by visiting those Pro-BN or Pro-Pakatan online media and decide for yourself what is logical. I find the commentators on Pro-Pakatan’s media like Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider to be extremely vitriolic in their attacks against Daim Zainuddin, but then who would be surprised? We dislike a clever Malay, don’t we?

Racism sure is alive and kicking!

On the other hand, Pro-BN media and bloggers are full of blame of Najib’s pandering to the non-Malays and his lack of decisiveness on certain major issues like cronyism (Shahrizat Jalil),corruption (Taib Mahmud) and education (PPSMI). Others include perceived political in-fightings and Najib’s bad political advisors. The angry mood is expected.

We are certainly into an era of deep political self-reflection and anymore inapt strategies  will spell the end for BN.


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