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I am sorry to have to return to GE13 topic yet again much as I detest it. I have planned to stop writing about this after the election but due to the ongoing massive countrywide rallies instigated by Anwar Ibrahim the defeated opposition leader, I am afraid my plan has been thrown into the dustbin: at least for now.

This man is bent on destruction and divisiveness. So far his antics had glaringly  demonstrated his taunting the government to act against him, Gosh, he would once again capture the attention of the whole world if Najib’s government had arrested him! My unsolicited advice to the government is not to arrest him and deny him of this  fifteen-minutes of fame that he so craves like a maniac. Let him bark till kingdom come.

This morning we learn that he had reneged on an agreement to respect the result of the general election. The agreement is apparently brokered by an ex-Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla who regretted Anwar’s current childish actions as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

I also remember the US ambassador who stated before GE13 that US would accept the outcome  as well. I had a feeling then that foreign political observers  and of course Anwar Ibrahim himself were almost certain that BN (National Front) would lose. His urgent ‘victory” tweeting just after 11pm on 5 May 2013  before the final results were announced by the Election Commission testifies to this morbid expectation of winning and forming the next Federal government with him as the seventh Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim - "I don't believe I lost... it can't be!"

Anwar Ibrahim – “I don’t believe I lost… it can’t be! …protest,protest,protest…”

What if Anwar Ibrahim’s Coalition had won? I think Najib, being the properly brought-up gentleman that he is, would eventually congratulate Anwar. I cannot see Najib leading massive rallies to denounce the results: it is just not his style. For a start he cannot really sing and dance and act like Anwar, the great Gollywood actor.

No, there would not be distracting and massive  rallies like we are being dished out almost every week now. The market will react ,of course ,and many people could have suffered financial losses and those government-linked counters would have borne the brunt and there would be replacements of those GLC captains of the industry and, yes ,there would be havoc in the market sector perhaps for a period before it recovers. But the socio-political impact would be gargantuan.

In the meantime there would be in-fightings for cabinet positions just like what is happening in Selangor post-election, even the appointment of the Menteri Besar was delayed so as the cabinet lineup. Some hereditary head also joins in the fray to exert power.

Definitely there would be euphoria and subsequently widespread changes would be made and later the business of the new government  would focus on dismantling certain policies and removing or putting in cold storage certain senior government servants. Then the terminations of contracts awards and later to be given to PKR’s cronies and so the new cycle begins, the politics of business as usual. Do you really believe that the Coalition is not going to reward its supporters? And don’t be naive by answering “yes”.

Indeed, if Anwar had won, there would be great waves of changes in the government and we all will have free water,free education,free hospital service and freedom of all kind? There would be many Malaysians returning home to savour this new” everything free”. We could actually be like this for as long as our country’s abundant natural resources such as oil is flowing.

And yes, Malaysiakini,Malaysia Chronicle and Malaysian Insider and all those pro-Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) online papers will become mainstream, boring and lose their combative glamour: close shop lah, as you have no more function to hammer the new government which you need to sustain by telling all the “right” news.

If Anwar Ibrahim had won, he would congratulate the Election Commission for the best and most “BERSIH” (clean) election that is ever held in Malaysia. He would be on CNN, AlJazeera and BBC and telling the whole world how change has come to Malaysia and how he was able to rise like the phoenix….manna from heaven.

If Anwar Ibrahim had won, there would not be massive rallies with seditious overtones calling for the fall of the newly-elected government and causing confidence crisis in our stock market and more importantly creating socio-economic instability through fanning racial sentiments.

I am appalled but not at all surprised  that Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Nik Aziz could  stand by watching these destabilising activities being wrought upon our country. Not that they don’t  love Malaysia but they love their political interests more.

If Anwar Ibrahim had won, Malaysians deserve the kind of half-baked leader that we get!


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