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Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has appointed what amounts to a survival cabinet, turning to allies of former foe Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to fend off intra-party challenges in the wake of the May 5 election, in which the opposition actually won the popular vote but was thwarted from taking power by gerrymandered constituencies…….

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Najib's so-called Survival Cabinet... looks like it.

Najib’s so-called Survival Cabinet…

An interesting analysis of the line-up of Najib’s cabinet and the  possible hidden agenda for political survival. I feel sorry for Najib. He is a nice man but unfortunately rather short on leadership qualities.

Many helpful people have suggested measures for Barisan Nasional (National Front Coalition) to redeem itself in the next five years before GE14 by 2018. By then BN would have been in power for 60 years. It reminds me of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP),  a centre-right conservative political party of  Japan which lost for the first time in 2009  after being in power for the same duration. It has since regained the government in 2012.

The point is,  people are just raring for change to see whether they are better off with a new government. The time has also come for BN to reform itself after all these years,cleaning up its image and scrubbing off the piles of dirt it has accumulated. And It can perhaps do this more decisively while operating outside of  the government.


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