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All political observers of  Malaysian politics would have known Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ).  His early rise  in Malaysian political scene was attributed to his marriage to his boss’s daughter, the then Prime Minister of Malaysia from 2004-2008.

Khairy Jamaluddin - A promising politician and a new BN cabinet Minister  with a tainted past.

Khairy Jamaluddin – A promising politician and a new BN cabinet Minister with a tainted past.

Upon Abdullah Badawi’s  taking over from Mahathir in 2003, there was a kind of euphoria and great expectations when he was given the highest mandate by the electorate at GE11  in 2004. The former, a graduate in Islamic Studies from a local university, became gradually pompous and through some encouragement, attempted to distance himself from his predecessor. He put “his man” in Kedah, Mahathir’s home state and political base, as the Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) and dismantled Mahathir’s political support. It was a sad and angry   time for the long-serving ex-Prime Minister.

Being the son-in -law (SIL) of the Prime Minister and having graduated from an ivy-league university, Khairy suddenly found himself with immense opportunities in all areas: social,political and financial. He didn’t have to work to earn his living  despite having the qualification unlike others. At such a young age and through this strong””cable” he was able to be nominated and became a parliamentarian and not only that he became the Deputy Head of UMNO Youth uncontested! Now that meteoric rise should have raised a red flag.

Many, inside and outside UMNO were unhappy with this SIL. Stories abound about him wanting to be the Prime Minister by the age of forty and of course all those contracts foreign and local said to be negotiated by him due to his clouts with the PM and the amount of commission that he was supposed to have received. Some were reported to be in the million.

I cannot believe that someone who graduated from Oxford in Economics would drown himself in corruption. Didn’t he know that that very act betrays the nation? Making projects and procurements more expensive than they actually cost? Who are footing the bills if not the taxpayers?  Suffice to say when corruption festers the country will never truly prosper and not attractive at all for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) to flow in to help in the promotion of her economic growth.

Integrity is a rare virtue. Human greed seems more natural.

He was sidelined for four years after being found to indulge in corrupt practices during  the UMNO Youth Election in his quest to become its Head (no longer an easy route for him since his father-in-law’s removal as PM following BN’s poor performance in GE12). Unlike his Deputy, KJ was not included in Najib’s cabinet (2008-2013) for his infraction though he was only reprimanded by the UMNO  Disciplinary Committee. He assumed a low profile in the meantime.

Following the lackluster win by BN in the just concluded GE13, KJ, hahaha… won yet again in his state of Negeri Sembilan and now has been included in the cabinet as the Minister of Youth and Sports. Before the announcement  of the new cabinet, the blogosphere was abuzz about his request to be included in the lineup and many did not agree.  In fact, I joined in by commenting that he should be given the chance as he may have repented his “sins” in the past, even the great Prophet forgave his wayward followers. One of my favourite bloggers had refused to publish my comment and he only published all comments against KJ’s inclusion. KJ was even labelled as an “Anwarista” and you all can guess what it means.

KJ is not liked at all by most UMNO-friendly bloggers. Anyway now that he is in the cabinet, he must change his ways and refrain from those corrupt practices because he is only cheating the rakyat he represents and the country he professes to love. I really hope he will use the gift given by God to him for the good of the country. He must redeem himself at all cost and erase the negative perception.

I have great hope for the articulate  and English-conversant KJ and expect some exciting post-election changes that he is able to participate and contribute in and not making use of his cabinet post for pecuniary interests.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan  from Sabah is also appointed as a Minister in the PM Department.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan from Sabah is also appointed as a Minister in the PM Department.

I also notice that one of his strongest  allies  is  also appointed as a Minister  in the new cabinet and I know personally this guy was in the same “business” with KJ in the past. Both these men must realise that this BN cabinet may well be the last  comes  GE14 by 2018. Any form of corruption that they might commit will be publicly exposed and dealt with severely by the next non-BN government. And for their information, all the good lawyers are in the opposition camp.

And MACC ( Malaysian Anti-Corruption Counsel) please commence  a new chapter for these politicians’ stories.

****NB: While I am more concerned about corruption, other bloggers focus more on Khairy’s character and political ambition which could spell disaster to UMNO unless he has  truly reformed.

You can go here for a historical take and for a more analytical account of KJ here ( The case of Khairy- won the social media, lost the votes ). A pretty good read for you to ponder and judge for yourself. It would be interesting to follow the political journey of this young man.


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