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Founded during an angry period, this Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) or  People Justice Party is all about one man. Even its logo is about him. Look at the two “half-moon”, they represent Anwar Ibrahim’s eye which was bruised and swollen after being punched by Rahim Noor, the then Malaysian Chief of Police in a lock-up. The picture of that eye “went viral” in 1998, causing more anger among his supporters.

Anwar's black eye and Rahim Noor (L) was jailed for it.

Anwar’s black eye and Rahim Noor (L) was jailed for it.

He was holding  noisy public rallies almost everywhere in the country calling for “reformation” which seemed to catch people’s attention. That was just after he was expelled from UMNO and sacked from his Finance Minister’s post  and shortly before he was arrested for corrupt practices and later sodomy.

His ability to deliver incendiary speeches in the mould of Sukarno, the ex-President of Indonesia, brought people in droves to to listen to him. He used this gift to the utmost. His side of the story might not be the truth and yet people  in large groups tend to urge one another on and behave like a herd. Herd mentality could be volatile and highly dangerous.

He is very much aware of his ability to rouse his listeners. In fact he really enjoys it and so you see him in videos of his public speeches, singing and dancing like a born actor he is and people naturally love this talking clown. He can talk like this for hours and people will sit transfixed. I see in some of those videos,some  people actually sit open-mouth in awe of him and he cajoles them to sing along with him! My, that is fantastic, ordinary folks just love him. He indeed has personal charm and so-called charisma.

You would never see this in Najib whose speeches tend to be boring,harping on the same things and whose tone stilted and quite often irritating. People would rather listen to Anwar anytime. And no wonder Najib keeps refusing to debate with Anwar, the fast-talker who would’ve beaten him, at least in style, hands down.

The swarm and the  "Queen Bee Effect".... look at the "Being" at the Centre.

The swarm and the “Queen Bee Effect”…. look at the “Being” at the Centre.

He could have used his gift for public good instead because of his fury and desire for revenge of the treatment he received post-expulsion from UMNO, he goes on a rampage to bring this party led by his mentor, Mahathir, down at the expense of the country: even at the expense of the Malays whom he has managed to divide.

Naturally opportunistic people of other persuasions opposing the ruling Coalition see in him a hope of something new, something fresh in the air and they swarm around him. He is like a proverbial  “Queen Bee”. The recent mammoth rally at the Kelana Jaya stadium at Shah Alam testifies to these restless bees’ phenomenon.

"The swarm" at Kelana Jaya rally called by Anwar on 8 May 2013. The traffic congestion was anarchic

“The swarm” at Kelana Jaya rally called by Anwar on 8 May 2013. The traffic congestion was  nothing less than anarchical

For “busybody” foreigners loathing perceived corruption in a country long held by one party, Anwar is seen as good for “democracy”. In fact, had Anwar, whose name looks like “a war” been of good character, he would have been Godsend for Malaysia, for her vibrant democracy because it is not good for one party to rule for so long because the tendency to breed corruption is high. Just look at the Congress party in India.

Unfortunately he rises from the ashes like the phoenix out of anger and vengefulness and he is pursuing a path of social instability. He is living for the moment and is impatient to grab that payback time. If he loves Malaysia he would have taken the recent general election defeat gracefully and thanked his voters graciously and work towards gathering more support for GE14 and groom his trusted party members and avoid internal strife like the Azmin’s case here. His People Alliance (Pakatan rakyat) has already got the popular vote and GE14 looks so much more attractive for it to take over the government.

Anwar’s current stupidity is destroying PKR’s future chances of ever being in the federal government. No wonder the much younger Azmin is unhappy: his future is being compromised and so is Nurul Izzah’s (Anwar’s daughter) and the intelligent PKR’s Strategic Director, Rafizi’s.

Like the others I also yearn for a transparent government and we can get such a government through either changing the ruling party/coalition or ensuring a strong opposition in parliament at the ballot box.

In a democracy which is never perfect, the ballot box is the greatest equalizer: my office driver, cleaner , gardener and me each has one vote. Should all three of them vote Pakatan because they identify with Anwar Ibrahim and if I voted BN, I would (rather grudgingly) have lost….

I am no admirer of Anwar but would like to advise him to please  not be selfish, think of Malaysia and think of the young capable leaders in your Coalition, who have many more years ahead of  them.

Anwar Ibrahim, your uncivilised behaviour knows no bound and your selfishness is both disruptive and destructive.

May the AlMighty God clear you dark heart and show you the right path.


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  1. Friends in high places … Anwar (at left) with his then mentor Mahathir Mohamad (at right) in 1997. Photo: AFP The day after this, thousands of people bussed in from across peninsular Malaysia will assemble in a stadium in Kuala Lumpur to hear a formal speech by Prime Minister Najib Razak, head of the Barisan Nasional coalition government. They will all have party-issued gift bags and party-issued “We Love BN” banners, and they will all applaud on cue for national TV. But tonight Anwar Ibrahim, leader of Pakatan Rakyat, Malaysia’s tri-party opposition alliance, is giving a one-man show and no one has been paid to come. Advertisement He has no prepared speech. He speaks with passion from a script lived hard over long years of imprisonment and political exile. But there is no bitterness to it. Anwar jokes and teases the crowd and they lap it up. He quotes Lincoln on the impossibility of fooling all of the people all of the time. He sings unaccompanied a version of a popular Malay song about trees shaking in the wind. But this time it’s Najib who is shaking – to winds of change being fanned by Anwar Ibrahim. The assembled crowd reverberates with laughter.

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