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Defeated Anwar Ibrahim really does not know how to lose with dignity. All these whinings about the outcome of GE13 really shows that this man is not worthy to be the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia. His press conference here is nothing but a tactic to “bully” his victorious opponents. His behaviour is unbecoming of a civilised country’s  opposition “leader”.

Anwar Ibrahim vowing to challenge GE13 results,virtually defying the "rakyat's" verdict (Photo:AFP)

Anwar Ibrahim vowing to challenge GE13 results,virtually defying the “rakyat’s” verdict (Photo:AFP)

We have witnessed  how the then UK Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown congratulated his opponent from the Conservative Party David Cameron on his winning the general  election in 2010 so as  Republican Mitt Romney gracefully acknowledging his party’s defeat and congratulating  Obama on his second term victory as the President of the United States in November 2012 American election. These defeated politicians displayed admirable maturity and grace.

Will Anwar ever acknowledge his Coalition’s defeat at GE13, let alone congratulating Najib? We all can wait till the cows come home.

Cows... when are you guys coming home? (Flickr)

Cows… when are you guys coming home?

Anwar Ibrahim instead is making a mockery of our election system despite Selangor being retained through a bigger number of seats by his coalition , his daughter re-elected in Lembah Pantai and Kit Siang trouncing Abdul Ghani Othman in Gelang Patah, BN component parties Gerakan  and MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) being rejected by the electorate and he himself winning in his constituency, Permatang Pauh by more than 11,000 votes. Yet,  he is still bickering that BN has robbed his coalition of victory and that  there are some hanky panky going on to deprive him from becoming  the Prime Minister of Malaysia. What paranoia?… pordah Anwar! I am really sick  and tired of this guy and I wonder whether other people are feeling the same.

Nizar of PAS here is more gentlemanly in Pakatan’s defeat in Perak.

Anwar’s earlier and cheeky tweeting that his Coalition had won the general election well before the official results were announced by SPR (Election Commission) was, to my mind, infantile. This man is virtually out of his mind with his pathological hunger to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He might well need an ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy) to keep him in touch with reality post-election.

For the life of me, I really cannot understand this divisive personality, why can’t he accept the people’s  verdict? This behaviour reflects poorly on his upbringing. His gift of the gab has misled many people into thinking that he is a great man. He is, in fact, a great actor.

It’s interesting to read what Anwar’s  former UMNO comrade, Tun Daim Zainuddin, our ex-Minister of Finance, thinks of him here and here. Divine intervention ( what else if certain things are inexplicable?) could have saved us from having Anwar as our Prime Minister.

It’s mind-boggling that so  many people including foreigners  have been duped by this character. He uses his oratory skill to manipulate and dominate. No wonder some  cyber folks are sighing… ghees the “fella” (Anwar)  is still around to continue  “kacau” (causing disturbance to) the country!

Najib, the Chairman of the victorious BN  is talking about national reconciliation and Anwar, the sore loser, is talking about more street rallies and definitely more unwanted polarisation.

Let's now fly only one flag "The Jalur Gemilang"

Let’s now fly only one flag “The Jalur Gemilang”

Anwar Ibrahim….. cukup, cukup lah…. sudah, sudah lah  (enough is enough) and get a life!

Before I forget, I would like to join others (including the world leaders here) in congratulating Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak for BN’s victory at GE13 despite the odds.

A win is a win regardless.

Wishing him all the best in his reconciliation efforts and please institute the necessary changes to make Malaysia a better place and a fair country for all races to co-exist peacefully. BN also needs to develop culture-sensitive young leaders.

Listen to  Daim Zainuddin’s  sound advice: “Don’t waste time on Anwar”.

And let’s all move on.


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  1. At this stage if he has issues pl bring it up in the courts of law. Not necessary to have public rallies which can explode into the streets

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