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When Ghani Othman came out with that half-page  newspaper advertisement referring himself as an old friend of the Chinese  just before the election day, I already sensed that his defeat was imminent. That was the reason I wrote about this second and bigger tsunami spearheaded by the Chinese. It’s too bad that the Malays are not united for Ghani to lose by a large margin of 14,762 votes!

That Gelang Patah seat has been held by MCA for a long time and they are so frightened of Uncle Kit that they asked UMNO to go to the slaughter house instead.  That is a Chinese majority seat for God’s sake! MCA  leaders especially Chua Soi Lek please just disappear from our political scene!

Ghani Othman - His long service as MB of Johor could not stamp the force of the tsunami.

Ghani Othman – His long service as MB of Johor could not stamp the force of the tsunami.

It is not fair really to have asked Ghani to contest there as  he is a good man. I know Ghani and Jamilah, my seniors, when they were doing  postgraduate degrees at the University of Queensland in Australia. He was our popular President of MSO ( Malaysian Student Organisation).

I am very proud to be one of his colleagues and respect and admire his leadership in Johor all these years. I feel sorry for Ghani. He could have won easily in a Malay majority seat. For his sacrifice I hope Najib would appoint him as a senator and give him a ministerial portfolio for him to demonstrate  his fine leadership and great capability.

Ghani lost on a rising anti-BN sentiment. His sacrifice should not be in vain.

Though I have already known that BN has so far been retained to form the Federal Government  in a simple majority and that BN has also predictably lost big  in my own constituency, my heart goes out to my friend the brave and selfless Dato’ Haji Abdul Ghani Othman.

Anyway, I wish to congratulate Uncle Kit for his stellar performance.


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