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I woke up early this morning to send my relative to a voting centre well before 8 am. She came back  just to vote this time around. Such is the spirit of GE13! We went to another voting centre at around 11am and although there were many people, it was a fast mission for me as I have got all the information on my  smartphone. It was over in less than 30 minutes.

American style election? Supporting the national party leader irrespective of local candidates! Remember the late Chavez of Venezuela? ... go figure.

American style election? Supporting the national party leader irrespective of local candidates! Remember the late Chavez of Venezuela? … go figure.

Unlike 2008, there were no party “stalls” erected outside the centre. I suppose the electronic information has done away with those unwieldy gatherings of people asking for their serial numbers etcetera.

My constituencies results have not come up but early results especially from BN’s ” fixed deposit”, Sarawak show that  BN is leading (12 parliamentary seats won so far) and in Gelang Patah, it looks like Ghani Othman is having an anxious evening as Uncle Kit (DAP’s stalwart Lim Kit Siang) is said to be leading. Looks like rural Sarawakians have rejected Pakatan and indirectly PAS with its boastful and insensitive announcement of wanting to push for Hudud law should Pakatan capture Putrajaya.

It really looks like the Chinese electorate is firmly united under DAP. And as expected the Malays are divided if Gelang Patah is used as a gauge. No wonder Ghani came out with a half-page newspaper advertisement plea for the Chinese to look at his “moderate” track record on the eve of the voting! Such was the Southern Chinese unity. I am impressed to say the least.

New comer Wong Tack of DAP beating ex-Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai  in Bentong Pahang?…. haha pack up your bags Liow! Never liked this MCA  man.

Bigger tsunami in the south of the Peninsular with Soi Lek’s son looks like losing.

Bung Mukhtar in Kinabatangan, Sabah winning by a big majority? That’s what is meant by “winnable” despite his uncouth character!

I am anxiously following the results as they come. Results in some constituencies are terribly close with the difference of about 40 or so. What a fight!

I would like to see BN retained at the same time I want a sizable opposition so that BN will continue to be on its feet in managing the country for the next four to five years. I will definitely vote for opposition (hopefully the leader is someone with a  reasonably good character) the next time around if BN continues its present unacceptable practices vis-a-vis transparency and cronyism. Whenever there is an uncontrolled cronyism, corruption will fester like an infected ulcer.

Let’s see whether Anwar is making a difference  in this GE13.

It sure is a long night….


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