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Unlike Barisan National (BN or National Front), the so-called Pakatan Rakyat,PR, (People Alliance) is contesting using different party logos and will tally their winnings based on these  party representatives.

Old and boring..... same faces,same cronies and same practices.... (Please change if you win tomorrow, to stay rejuvenated !)

Old and boring….. same faces,same cronies and same practices…. (Please change if you win tomorrow, to stay relevant !)

And so you see PKR (led by Anwar Ibrahim), DAP (led by Lim Kit Siang) and PAS (led by Hadi Awang) contesting in various constituencies with their different coloured flags. And this GE  sees the great war of the flags flying at all strategic public locations. You, while driving, even see party workers standing along the road holding slogans clamouring for voters’ attention. They are mostly from PR.

Young and exciting and looking good on the surface...promising the world to the electorate....fractious interiorly, can it really govern?

New and exciting and looking good on the surface…promising the world to the electorate….fractious interiorly, can it really govern?

The social media are full of postings for “Ini Kalilah, Ubah!” ( It’s Time for Change!) the reason for their ubiquity is the use of the internet by young people and this generation is idealistic and they think by changing the government their life would change overnight! Being the rebels they are, they are impatient with the long-ruling BN whose practices are seen to be favouring certain quarters like the Bumiputra,the Elite and the friends (cronies) of BN and these practices are nothing but unjust. Therefore the time has come  to punish BN  by removing it and give the votes to any party.

Yes, any party as long as it’s not BN. Even if you put a baboon to lead this “ANY”  party it would get the support of the people who feel they have been treated shabbily by BN all these years.

The reason for the Chinese electorate anger is glaring. While DAP is free to criticise and oppose certain government policies or programmes without fear or favour and without having to consult its partner, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (People’s Justice party) led by Anwar, MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) is hounded silly by UMNO if it dares to criticise measures seen to sideline the Chinese. And so we perceive  MCA as UMNO’s “Pak Turut” (follower).

I have blogged in 2011 about the need for MCA to  be given the latitude to criticise BN or UMNO for that matter so that the community it represents can trust MCA to look after their interests and not only for the elite Chinese. Nothing was seen to be done and so many more of my relatives and friends embrace DAP in droves. Do you blame them? They are more motivated and more excited this time around because dissatisfied Malays now have PKR to be with hence dividing the Malay votes. Indeed the likelihood of DAP being in Federal Government is higher in GE13 than ever before…. a new dawn!

The above argument  is what makes Pakatan Rakyat so attractive that angry  voters will vote for it regardless of the character flaw of its leader or the impending danger of a restrictive religious law (Hudud)!

If  BN, in general, and UMNO in particular was too arrogant to accept the fact that the Chinese needs an independent  political mouthpiece within the governing coalition  then, they are now seeing the second and much bigger tsunami coming in  to push up their big and complacent arse (bad lingo!).

The word around my area is “Any party except BN!’ And sadly I think  they are voting with their spine rather than their  brain.

Happy voting to all my Malaysian blog visitors who are registered voters.


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