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Most people find it uneasy or uncomfortable at the prospect of  change. When status quo alters, readjustments,new connections and relationships have to be made and rebuilding undertaken. Imagine the guy you used to deal with is no longer there to help you.Imagine the ways of doing things you are familiar with are uprooted and in a worst case financial scenario, your investments (if you have) in the stock market totally wiped up.

Do we have such a bad government that we need to remove it? Recognising that National Front or Barisan Nasional (BN) has been in power for over 55 years providing us with the stability not seen in some of our neighbouring countries, do we need to experiment and experience a new government? And what a new government that would be!

I would sacrifice all the creature comforts that I am having now and join the horde to change this government on 5 May 2013 if the state of our economy is bad due to mismanagement and rampant corruption. On reflection,however, our stock market  though not the best performer in the region, has steadily risen and foreign fund has been coming in  the last two to three years testifying to the confidence the foreigners have in Malaysia under Najib.

Najib Razak - you need to both reform and transform BN should you win GE13,  to reduce business cronyism,nepotism and corruption

Najib Razak – you need to both reform and transform BN should you win GE13, to reduce business cronyism,nepotism and corruption

Granted that the ruling coalition has a lot of remedial changes that need to be instituted to increase transparency and social equity, PM Najib just cannot effectively undertake all the required measures unless we give him the mandate to establish his firm foothold in the business of overseeing the welfare of this country.

Remember we gave  “Mr Clean” Abdullah Badawi a big mandate in 2004 but he was not worthy of our trust and we showed our displeasure in 2008. Najib has been operating on that  2008 mandate and so he was walking on a tightrope so to speak, having to please everyone ( a dangerous preoccupation no doubt), dealing with accusations, addressing and skirting issues and coming up with transformation programmes as a means of achieving his set targets as evidence of his commitment to promoting growth and extending social services.

Some of my readers commented that we should give the opposition a chance and they mentioned about Rafizi,Tian Chua and Husam being credible politicians but they are not the leaders who can make the difference should opposition come to power. The opposition trio of Anwar Ibrahim,Hadi Awang and Lim Kit Siang  reminds me of the award-winning story of  Life of Pi; with a Bengal tiger, an Orangutan and a hyena adrift on a boat following the sinking of their ship.

A Bengal tiger,hyena and .... all in the boat!

A Bengal tiger,a hyena, an orangutan and …. all in the boat! (Life of Pi)

I am not convinced this opposition coalition can govern this country: Not yet anyway till they can solidly come to an understanding on vital policies and not dependent on that Islamist party PAS. Currently the antics of the islamist party PAS is worrying. The lack of a clear understanding among them is making the market jittery and the people anxious. Remember Pakatan Rakyat has admitted publicly  that its coalition members only agree with 95% of their stated manifestos. Now that is a red flag. They are all on different wavelengths and far from being synchronised.

In their blind zeal to get votes, they come up with manifestos which they cannot possibly keep. At the rate they are going, there will be stiff political infightings as to who should get what ministerial posts and not to forget those cushy posts in the GLCs. There would be so much politicking that the business of governing will be put in the back burner.

Gosh, Dear Lord, spare us!

A religious hardliner will set our country backward.

On top of that Anwar will be busy trying to hunt down those who have “wronged” him all those years and before that he might need to replace the Attorney General as well. I foresee vengefulness.

The opposition victory is nothing but chaotic as PAS will set about putting in Hudud laws and DAP will fight tooth and nails for the post of the Minister of Finance and possibly the second Deputy Prime Minister. Who the heck will be the prime Minister? I wonder, Anwar or Hadi from PAS?

The envisaged scenario is depressing, try as I might to stay calm and positive and to avoid scaremongering.

Those eligible voters residing overseas have already voted and so as the security personnel and their families. My gut feeling is the overseas votes will go to opposition due to the strong cyber presence of articulate pro-Pakatan bloggers. These voters would not feel the impact of PAS- sponsored hardline changes as they are not living here in Malaysia. In fact DAP-supporters are also not as worried as they believe changes mooted by PAS would not affect them. How naive they are!



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