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During the run-up to GE13 and well before the dissolution of parliament on 3 April and  the nomination day on 20 April 2013, the political mud slinging have already started in the cyber world. Some pro- BN cybertroopers have been posting videos purportedly of opposition politicians engaging  in explicit sexual activities. As to how they procure those materials and whether they make use of look-alike actors or install hidden camera in the hotel room, only they know.

The first few video postings were intriguing but the subsequent ones are becoming boring. As the saying goes “familiarity breeds contempt” and that is what happens when you cry wolf too often.

I must say, I for one, am tired of all these sex video clips. They are all made to disgrace the target politicians  and they are posted with impunity by desperate people who have already sold their souls to the Devil himself. They regard themselves as Muslims but their behaviour is putting shame to the great religion. They not only set out to bring about deep embarrassment to their targets and attempting to kill off the victims’ political aspirations but to the innocent families as well.

Stop hitting under the belt!

Stop hitting below the belt!

This culture of hitting below the belt through invasion of privacy or manipulation of facts and digital tricks is deplorable and all done in the name of politics. Malaysia must be the only country in the world whose political supporters double up as   cyber hooligans especially during an election. Imagine the effects of these dirty videos on young children surfing the internet in this country.

Sadly, it is the pro-BN bloggers who are engaging in  this despicable act. I notice the people who are supporting the opposition are more cultured in their writing against BN. They argue why Malaysians should vote for opposition in GE13 and they concentrate on the weaknesses and excesses of the ruling BN coalition rather than on personal attacks, detailing each and every one of them in an intelligent discussion.

The argument for the removal of BN from power by pro-opposition bloggers are highly convincing. I could feel the pulse of their passionate rantings. They are well articulate unlike BN cybertroopers who have the tendency towards vulgarism. Had I not looked at the bigger political picture, I would have been influenced by the opposition bloggers.

Have you ever come across sex videos of UMNO politicians posted by opposition bloggers? Come to think of it, the  sex video clip on BN’s Chua Soi Lek was the work of his rivals in MCA itself.

I would like to say to the likes of poorly educated Papa Gomos who post such clips online to stop this stupidity and fight like a man.


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