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The so-called Islamist party PAS has always been a bane in the opposition coalition. A bane to non-Muslims and moderate Muslims alike. In less than 10 days Malaysians will go to the polls and this article  appears today in the MCA-owned online paper, the Star. Imagine the fear it generated over the voters who just do not fancy religion  pervading our political system. They are bound to harden and vote against this disparate political alliance, Pakatan Rakyat (People’s’ Alliance).

We have seen what religion in its extreme does to countries in the Middle East which went through an Arab Spring and later  only to get hardcore Muslim Brotherhood brand of government with their penchant for controlling  people’s  lives and “downgrading” women; and now it seems they are in the dark Arab Winter.

Melala Yusafzai - shot by Taliban  for promoting education for girls. (Pakistan Today)

Melala Yusafzai – shot by Taliban for promoting education for girls. (Pakistan Today)

Just look at Islamic Pakistan and secular India. Frequent sectarian bombings in the former cause untold misery and loss of innocent  lives. Each religious grouping thinks  that it is better than others and that they own God.

The story of Malala, the 15-year old Pakistani girl who was shot at close range by the Taliban (fanatical Muslims) in October 2012,  is a case in point. She promoted education for girls and the fundamentalists opposed this freedom (deemed as secularism)  through “killing”. Yes, they nearly killed her if not for the state-of -the- art modern medicine  offered by a non-Muslim  Western Country ( United Kingdom).

Even Harun Din the PAS politician “ustaz” who establishes a “spiritual clinic” for believers to go to and get holy water to drink  “to cure”  their maladies (some even for cancer) and donate to the party coffers, had gone to the US for the treatment of his heart ailment by infidels! Hah… why didn’t he drink his own holy water?

Sorry for the digression.

With all my might!  (net image)

With all my might! (net image)

I don’t know about you,  but I will never vote for this kind of political party which is bent on bringing us back to the era of some 1490 years ago in some desert country where tents, camels, sands, dates,thirst, mirage, oases and squabbling tribes  held sway.

And where people covered themselves from head to toe  to avoid the sandy desert wind and from other marauding tribes. It was pure tribalism out there.

Our world today is totally different vis-a-vis civilisation.

To me religion is important for spiritual balance  and so is self-regulation. However religion should not be restrictive in the name of gaining a place in “heaven” and it should not cause inconvenience to  people who do not subscribe to it by imposing its so-called doctrine through man-sponsored laws called Hudud.

Arrrrgh.... here we go (courtesy lauriemo)

Arrrrgh…. here we go  guys (courtesy lauriemo)

I cannot help but feel that there is some kind of conspiracy in all these “religion-based” political harassment. Could special-interest groups be giving PAS incentives to constantly broadcast their Hudud law’s intention  pre-GE13 so that the non-Muslims, moderate and liberal Muslims of this country will continue to stay with BN?

Another thing I am thinking about is whether  some special interest global groups are also financing these Islamists and so called online “Ulamas”  to promote fundamentalism so that the Muslim population remain backward? The Youtube postings are full of this shit and sadly, idealistic youths become influenced by them.

Methink that  these constant religious bombardment could have given rise to  more irrational, young and displaced Muslims like the Tsarnaev brothers who are alleged to have bombed Boston Marathon without mercy a couple of weeks ago  hence  leading  the world towards condemning and hating the religion? I am aware of one country which benefits from this hatred.

When information is secreted and judgements are non-fact based, the tendency is to resort to conspiracy theory, and indeed as in the past television series The X-Files, the truth is somewhere out there.


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