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It is sad to see Kamilia, the deputy Head of Wanita UMNO relinquishing all her party posts to contest as an independent for the parliamentary seat of Kuala Kangsar vacated by Rafidah Aziz, the ex-Minister of Trade and industry. I salute her for her courage, decisiveness and  singleness of purpose. She of all people should know what she is up against : the mighty BN election machinery.

Kamilia Ibrahim - too outspoken and acting against UMNO cultural fabric.

Kamilia Ibrahim – too outspoken and acting against UMNO cultural fabric.

What happened to Kamilia is a lesson to others. She was audacious enough to criticise Shahrizat Jalil the current and disgraced Head of Wanita UMNO for not stepping down following the “cowgate scandal” involving the latter’s family. What she did was considered unforgivable by the UMNO leadership because if you could do that once and get away with it and subsequently get nominated to stand as a party candidate, what do you think the others would do when a similar issue arises involving the party leadership itself?

It’s a no, no Kamilia. They had no guts to sanction you then but this is  the way they punish you by sidelining you from federal politics. The snub is a typical Malay culture of avoiding confrontation when solving problems. You are obviously not indispensable  And this is how they treat a woman for being too vocal an attribute  which they normally label as aggressive.

Shahrizat - the graceless and combative Head of Wanita UMNO

Shahrizat – the graceless and combative Head of Wanita UMNO

Come to think of it, had the recalcitrant Shahrizat resigned gracefully at the height of the scandal, Kamilia would not have acted the way she did and would not appear divisive. In a way Shahrizat’s shameful  behaviour had led to the downfall of Kamilia.

The UMNO leadership was also reluctant to persuade the Wanita Head to give up her ministerial post simply because they didn’t want to set a precedent where a Minister should resign should there be a hint of impropriety. That’s the culture of UMNO : sweeping dirt under the carpet.

How could you not nominate a Deputy Head of Wanita UMNO to contest a parliamentary seat? The party was humiliating her by asking her to contest a state seat. Shahrizat was given a parliamentary seat when she was Deputy Wanita UMNO Head. We can conclude that  this sidelining  is a form of punishment by the UMNO leadership on Kamilia for being outspoken, rude (kurang ajar) and appearing divisive.

Bung Mokhtar and his "glamorous" actress wife (2nd wife or is it 3rd?)

Bung Mokhtar and his “glamorous” actress wife (2nd wife or is it 3rd?)

And yet Bung Mokhtar the “sexist” male parliamentarian from Sabah is not treated in the same manner. I remember Bung also criticised Shahrizat for clinging to her nominated ministerial post despite intense public uproar.

And Bung is retained as a candidate in this GE13 for a fourth term! Looks like Bung is indispensable because he comes from Sabah, BN’s “fixed deposit”. The loss of a few seats in Sabah would affect BN’s performance since there is an anticipated close fight in the Peninsular where voters are  caught up in the UBAH wave.

That is dirty politics for you.

As for Kamilia if you are sincere in your fight for a better Malaysia in general and all women in particular, your time will sure come. In politics anything can happen: enemies today,friends tomorrow.


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