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The list of BN candidates was out a few days ago and today is the nomination day. The list reveals some 33% new faces at the Federal level and about 49% at the States’  level. I must salute the BN Chairman for showing a degree of commitment to bring in fresh candidates in efforts to stay in power after more than 55 years.

From the list it can be seen that an agreed principle of choice of candidates is not applicable to everyone. Close connection seems to matter indicating that Najib values loyalty. The list also shows that MCA is at its wit’s end trying to survive, desperately lending and temporarily letting go its traditional seats to other component parties. It is like a man with weak legs on a crutch being supported by UMNO the dominant BN partner led by Najib.

Gerakan? I thought this partner has no more “gerak” (movement) after its humongous defeat in the last GE. We hardly hear about Gerakan’s activities and who the hell is its leader? If MCA is a man with weak legs, Gerakan is a paralysed man below the waist……. asalkan bertanding (as long as one contests) on a wheel-chair pun boleh  ( also can)

MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) is an interesting party now cavorting with  Indian Malaysians. And who is this Palanivel? That reflects how weak its leadership is. By the way, a lot of things had been done to appease the Indians the last four years and they are labelled as kingmaker in some constituencies. More scholarship for Indian students, increased quota for university places, more financial incentives for Indian taxi drivers and the unbanning of Hindraf, that Hindu’s forceful organisation whose influence was  apparently strong enough to topple BN led Selangor government in GE12! Will the Indians go for BN this time around?

There’s another Indian-based party,People’s Progressive Party (PPP),  led by Kayveas, which is also contesting a seat or two. I really don’t understand the need for this BN component party to exist except to enable some good Indians to bypass the hierarchical MIC to become political leaders for the community.

There are those BN-affiliated parties like PBS,UPKO,PBRS in Sabah and SUPP and Pesaka in Sarawak that are also contesting in this GE13. My Sabahan friends are saying that the two MCA candidates in Sabah are not favoured by Chinese Sabahan. In fact one of them will have to rely solely on the Bumiputras for his share of votes. SUPP also has no clear chance in Sarawak. DAP guys will mow them  flat. Pesaka, led by the corrupt Sarawak’s Chief Minister,Taib Mahmud will deliver because it is contesting in the “Land of the Blind”.

I will vote based on the character and perceived capability of any party representatives in my constituency. To my chagrin, the same corrupt MCA guy is standing for a state assembly seat , much as I want BN to win this GE13, I just cannot bring myself to vote for him. The parliamentary candidate is fine.

If only all of us are able to vote in candidates of integrity then we will get a fairly good government whatever the party they are representing. Unfortunately, this is yet to be the norm in Malaysia.


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