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For the first time in the history of Malaysian general election, MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) a racial-based BN ( National Front) component party has seen it not fit to contest in a number of its traditional seats. This decision can be interpreted in several ways but the core reason is MCA just does not have the support of the ordinary Chinese Malaysians anymore.

Imagine asking UMNO to defend its long-held Chinese majority seat of Gelang Patah in Johor when they find out that Uncle Kit ( Lim Kit Siang ) of DAP (Democratic Action Party) is moving from Ipoh Timor to contest there! MCA under the leadership of Chua Soi Lek turns tail. The humiliation is complete. Surrender before the battle even begins.

About time to get rid of MCA box!

About time we get rid of the MCA box!

Now every thinking Malaysian knows that MCA is dependent on UMNO for its political survival. At least if UMNO wins MCA guys can still be given those government contracts after all most of those who join MCA  do so because of financial gains.

I was shocked once when one of them arrogantly and unashamedly told me the reason of him joining the party was purely business. That’s when they harass government servants for contracts and threaten them with transfers or dangling the carrot for promotions especially to  those working in the Health Ministry.

An empty MCA box

An empty MCA box

Thinking out of the box, my foot! The box is bloody empty.

If the opposition is not so fractious (or made to appear fractious?), I feel they have a good chance of giving BN the run for their money.

If only Pakatan rakyat (Peoples’ Alliance) had no PAS (religion-based party)  and without a chameleon leader like Anwar Ibrahim, I would have surfed the UBAH wave.


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