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I woke up this morning reading about the series of planned bombings or explosions designed to inflict thousands of casualties in Massachusettes USA. The mind behind this dastardly act is real sick.  The bombs were timed to coincide with that  at the finish line of the marathon when people were cheering and urging  their relatives, friends and others to the finish and so unaware of the lurking danger.

Segment of Boston Marathon runners were stopped in time before the finish line- Getty image

Segment of Boston Marathon runners is stopped in time before the finish line, 15 April 2013- Getty image

Boston marathon bombing- A heartrending sight -CNN

Boston marathon bombing- A heart-rending sight -CNN

Civil society the world over should come together to condemn this terrorist act as they did in the Bali Bombing 2002, Madrid Train Bombing 2004 and the London Tube Bombing in 2005.

Bali Bombing in 2002 at Kuta Nightclub-over 200 dead - Net image

Bali Bombing in 2002 at Kuta Nightclub-  204 dead and 240 injured – Net image

I don’t want to speculate as to who are responsible because to me all terrorists irrespective of  their  persuasions, are those who believe the world owes them a living and that only  their values are sacrosanct.

Terrorists often strike at the innocents: people enjoying themselves in nightclubs, people who board the train and tube and people who gather for charity sports. And at most time, people who have nothing to do  with or even ignorant of  the terrorists’ causes.

Madrid train bombing in 2004

Madrid train bombings in 2004 – 191 dead, 1800 wounded – Getty image

At the same time, I am not oblivious of the constant terrorists’ bombings occurring in countries such as Iraq,    Syria, Afghanistan,Pakistan and India incurring horrendous  loss of lives and perpertrated by angry,mindless and bigoted souls.

In such countries, lives seem so cheap and people appear resigned to their fate. Except for India, probes and investigations are hardly heard of because they know who the terrorists are and it’s just too many of them. The justice system has simply become paralysed.

London tube bombing 0n 07072005 as part of 9/11 war -ibtimes

London tube bombing 0n 07072005 as part of 9/11 war – 52 dead and 700 wounded  -ibtimes

These atrocities are not going to stop for as long as there are perceived injustice on groups whose voice cannot influence individual country’s political landscape. They are just not part of the system and of society for that matter.

These translocated souls have no inherent conscience let alone compassion for those whom they maim and  kill. And for those loved ones untimely left behind.  In short, they choose to resort to a raging and  infantile method of revenge on the society……… destroy,destroy, kill them all.

And so this incident is going to breed more problems and difficulties for ordinary folks who walk the street when their backpacks and suspicious baggage will be subject to checks and more checks. People of  certain ethnic groups will also be looked upon with suspicion and even disdain and prejudice. Prompt identification of those responsible is important  to prevent misplaced fury.

Justice has somewhat prevailed for  the bombing victims of Bali, Madrid and London through relentless investigations, leaving no stones unturned,  and may it also prevail for the Boston marathon victims.

Boston, the free world shares your grief.


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