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I am very interested to see the final Barisan Nasional (BN), National Front, the ruling coalition’s list of candidates. How many old, how many new and younger and how many recycle  politicians will there be contesting in the upcoming general election.

There is a perception among those who have expressed their feelings, that many of the current BN ministers and old politicians should be dropped, making way for winnable and younger candidates to bring in fresh approaches to solving problems in the country.

BN list of candidates for 13GE will reflect the degree of Najib's commitment towards reform

BN list of candidates for 13GE will reflect the degree of Najib’s commitment towards meaningful reform

Some pro-BN bloggers have put up a list of those UMNO politicians  that they wish to be dropped from the line-up for this so-called epic GE13 battle to win over the rakyat (citizen voters). The battle between the ruling BN and opposition PR ( Pakatan Rakyat or Peoples’ Alliance) has been set on 5 May 2013.

The list of BN candidates  will reflect how much determination and commitment PM Najib demonstrates to reform the long-serving Coalition so that it will have a new look about it .  Somewhat reinvented and rejuvenated. That is what the people especially the younger demographic are looking for.

Despite being in power for over 55 years, BN can still continue to rule Malaysia but what we want is a new breed of political leaders who will take us into the new era of transparency,integrity, intensive human capital development and sustainable growth-oriented economy and high income nation.  Politicians who are more receptive of new ideas and not prescriptive in nature.

We want politicians who walk the talk and inclined towards cultural inclusivity. Those politicians who have been long in the party should understand the need to inject new blood to give the ruling coalition the edge  in this general election.

The list  will  also reflect PM Najib’s political clout as a leader. He could not articulate on many party issues  during the past four years as he does not have the mandate from the people as he was “forced’ to replace the hopeless Abdullah Badawi as Prime Minister  following the GE12 political debacle suffered by BN when it lost the two-third majority as well as initially five States of Kedah, Penang, Perak,  Selangor and Kelantan (2008). But Najib has worked hard through his transformation programmes. Decisions were made faster than during sleepy Badawi’s tenure.

Many people were dissappointed with Najib for not reforming and restructuring UMNO in particular during his four-year in “power”. But I can understand his limitations and hesitancy under the above circumstances.

If given the mandate by the people in this GE13, we should expect Najib to be braver in instituting changes towards better governance. If he doesn’t act then definitely it is going to be  time to change the government in GE14. No more second chance especially when newer generation of voters are coming in.

PAS leader - campaigning  or giving sermon?

PAS leader – campaigning or giving a sermon?

As for the opposition alliance led by Anwar Ibrahim, I am currently not at all comfortable with them especially when I see those turban-clad members of the religion-based party (PAS), socially intimidating and sounding ….terriblement déraisonnable!

And so I am waiting to see the  BN candidate  list with bated breath.


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