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To say that I was surprised when I watched this  video is not at all truthful. I have never expected, though that a foreign organisation would go to the extent of providing this kind of evidence of Taib Mahmud’s chronic and addictive corruption. I suppose in the “Land of the Blind” as mentioned in the video, some concerned foreign agencies with a wealth of resources will come forward to champion them.

Following the video’s release Taib Mahmud, the long serving Chief Minister of Sarawak, one of the states in Malaysia, came out to defend himself saying something like he had nothing to do with his scheming cousins in the video. Do any of you believe him?

Then I read about him announcing in the press that he would not cooperate with Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council (MACC) which is trying to investigate him for all these alleged corrupt activities which have been enriching him and his children,sisters,brothers,in-laws and close friends all these 30 over years he has been the Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Taib Mahmud with his young Lebanese bride

Taib Mahmud with his young Lebanese bride

He has labelled MACC as “naughty” and “dishonest”  in conducting the investigation on him. His audacity and demented haughtiness are not news given his powerful hold on the State’s politicians, Federal politicians and of course having an immense ill-gotten wealth gives him that certain nonchalant attitude: come get me if you dare.

Worse comes to worse,  he might even direct the State immigration department to stop those MACC guys from the Peninsular (West Malaysia)  from entering Sarawak as he has done before for personalities like Ambiga and Sivarasa. He is indeed more powerful than any of the kings in Malaysia, let alone the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

What is news to me is MACC has to close the investigation file on him because he is not cooperating!!

If this is so, then the multitude of corruption case files can also be closed if the alleged culprits are not cooperating? Wow! A very good example set by a politician to be followed by similar ilk in the country.

The soon to be 77- year old, Taib Mahmud, the internationally famous corrupt Malaysian politician will only step down as the Chief Minister of the “Land of The Blind” feet first. Nobody lives forever.

The only consolation is  Malaysian law does provide  for the investigation into his alleged corruption to continue even  after his death. So beware all those close and dear to him in Malaysia, Canada, Australia and Lebanon or wherever you are.


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