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This year 2013 is the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by America ordered  by President George W  Bush under the pretext that it had weapons of mass destruction. I remember I was visiting my late father when the first missiles were rained on Iraq. I knew then that the country led by Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq had no chance against the mightiest army of the world.

Bush was arrogant and acted unilaterally as he didn’t  get  the UN’s mandate to attack Iraq. And I remember France had refused to participate in that invasion and they were mocked by Americans to the extent that they refused to refer to fried potato chips by the usual name of  “French fries”, such immaturity! And the British under PM Blair went in headlong. That was Blair’s greatest political mistake and his unceremonious downfall.

After so much destruction of the country where countless lives were lost and maimed, it was revealed that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Look at Iraq now, from a progressive Muslim country to lawlessness where sectarian fightings have become the order of the day. Each day there are killings and suicide bombing. It is far worse than when it was under Saddam. The Iraqi people have been  suffering to this day. So this is what Bush had wanted: to get his second term and to destroy a modern Muslim nation.

George W Bush is one world leader I will not miss.

Ex US President George W Bush - May we not have  another US leader like this man.

Ex US President George W Bush – May we not have another US leader like this man.

He has blood on his hands. More than a million Iraqis lost their lives and they had nothing to do with the attacks on the World Trade Centre in lower Manhattan New York in September 2001, now known as 9/11 carried out by Al Qaeda terrorists  mainly from Saudi Arabia.

Just ponder a bit, why does US have a penchant to destroy progressive Muslim nations? It was Iraq in 2003 and now Syria in 2013? It leaves alone Saudi Arabia which is the most repressive and archaic of  all Muslim nations with its Wahabbism which puts women virtually imprisoned from womb to tomb. Looks like US wants all Muslims to be backward so that it can control the golden liquid and ostensibly keeping Israel safe.

George W Bush is the most despicable ex-president still alive today.

It is not only Iraqis who suffered but so too Americans ( less than 5000 deaths and many more wounded) who were sent to do battle in Iraq. You might like to read the letter written by a veteran to Bush on this 10th anniversary of the invasion. The gravely wounded ex-soldier wrote the letter after deciding to end his young life as he could no longer function as a man due to his injuries received while fighting in that unnecessary   and senseless war.

Bush deserves the shoes thrown at him by an Arab journalist during a press conference.

The veteran  never forgives Bush for invading Iraq and so too do I.


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