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That’s it. Have them pummelled with bombs and send them to hell in smithereens and let the world know that  no nation should allow foreigners to just come in with weapons and stake a claim on our land. Only when we acted decisively that the UN here  has taken notice and now is pleading for an end to the so-called violence in Sabah.

The killings of our policemen in Semporna were cowardly. The Sulu terrorists ambushed them, capturing,torturing and killing! From my trusted sources in Lahad Datu, the policemen’s bodies were found mutilated so badly, eyes were gouged and abdomen disembowelled and one was beheaded and chopped up! I don’t think the government is going to detail the gruesome nature of these killing for fear of more anger among us Malaysians due to the botched handling of the invasion which was “gently” referred to  earlier as an intrusion.

Now UN’s Mr Ban Ki Moon, those atrocities against our policemen were the real violence! There appears to be so much hatred and cruelty in this bangsa (race) that words cannot describe them. Otherwise why should they torture those officers and only later killed them?

Jamalul Kiram announcing unilateral ceasefire? ... he'd better go and fly kite.

Jamalul Kiram announcing unilateral ceasefire? … he’d better go and fly kite.

Now the pathetic Jamalul Kiram is announcing a unilateral ceasefire purportedly in response to UN’s statement on the situation. Balderdash! Why should our government respond to his announcement. I’d rather our army and police get on with the job of decimating those terrorist dogs and round up and deactivate all suspects and tighten our borders so that they know that they have more to lose now especially economically in the southern part of that country.

Why should we entertain Jamalul Kiram and give him the respect after what his followers have done to our policemen?


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