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I watched fascinated and exasperated at the handling of the intrusion by Sulu people into Sabah by our government. It was rather strange that despite having knowledge that these people came in with heavy weapons like M16 and rocket launchers, the government has chosen to let the police handle the situation.

I thought the police is supposed to act during peace time and the army during crisis time involving foreign armies. The ensuing developments and events have shown us that the police is no match to the Sulu terrorists  trained in heavy weapons and savvy in insurgency and guerilla tactical attacks.

And so the first casualties are Malaysians. Fancy that they died so easily at the hand of foreigners invading our soil. Then a group of policemen went to a settlement following a tip off and was ambushed and some captured and one or two were beheaded and disembowelled! Then only the army is brought in and the village where the invaders were holed up is bombed silly early this morning (Tueasday 5 March 2013). Why was the army not brought in earlier? Some smart guy penned this response:

 First of all, the reason why they didn’t send the army in the 1st place because they need to contain the situation using the police because those intruders will be handled as criminals instead of war criminals. There’s massive difference there. By sending army 1st meaning that we approved the Sultanate of Sulu and we agree to have war with them. What would happen when we arrested all of them? They will not be thrown into jails as they will be no longer a criminal. They will be a war criminal and we need something like Guantanamo Bay to place them. It’s a lot complicated than just simply throw the army in so please think rationally before accusing the government don’t know what they are doing”.

I don’t get this logic at all because in the end you still have to send in the army to deal with a deteriorating situation when more than half a dozen policemen have been killed. Jesus, we are dealing with Sulu army here and not their civilian gangsters, there is no time for legal niceties!

Killed Sulu Terrorist - some weapon he had!

Killed Sulu Terrorist  with weapon (William L)

Just look at the monstrous weapon besides the dead Sulu terrorist! Lord, our policemen’s weapons are  toys compared to this guy’s!

There was obviously a severe underestimation of the fanatical followers of Jamalul Kiram and our  dead policemen paid the highest price for this failure to act decisively on the part of our government. And I am not interested in being political here.

Do you seriously think that the Filipino police are going to deal with armed Malaysian invaders? Not a chance, more likely their army, trained by US combatants will have annihilated the culprits and end the invasion sans negotiations and unnecessary casualties.

The cruelty of the Sulu terrorists  is beyond measures. These are not men of reasons but indoctrinated robots trained to kill without mercy. And our government thought they were amenable to negotiations. Listen,listen,listen and listen to the  power of nth, why negotiate in the first place? Why so soft?  It should have been an ultimatum, leave or else?

A lack of killer instinct is a pathetic lack of leadership in a crisis of  this proportion.

President Aquino, the charismatic Philippines leader was more intelligent in his reading of and dealing with the terrorists where our leaders failed us miserably. Aquino from the beginning had directed the terrorists to leave  Sabah or face the consequences and yet the Malaysian leaders kept on saying ” Let’s negotiate”!!!

My heart goes out to the families of the dead policemen and my eyes start to water. May their souls rest in peace.


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