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As far as homosexuality is concerned, the attitude of  supposedly modern parts of the world has changed drastically the last 10 years or so. Suddenly the calls for equal rights, freedom of choice and freedom of sexual orientation have become the norm. In those parts of the world, particularly Europe and the US, led by influential individuals in the music industry, movie and politics, it is just not fashionable or politically correct if you do not support the rights of people to practice their sexual preferences.

When in the past, people hid their homosexuality especially in the work place, now it is all systems go.  Employers will be brought to court if they victimise against homosexuals. The sign of the time is when the so-called “straights” are often censured if they do not support gay rights.Even the US Armed Forces have  now publicly recognised the rights of these people and that they are free to operate anywhere unlike before.

First they recognise the sexual preferences later they legalise the union. It never ceases to amaze me that Western politicians are pandering to this trend, anxious to appear as human rights champions in their countries. No Thanks to the media pressure. Just look at how a serving politician is publicly criticised left right and centre ( over 2000  comments from mostly gay supporters) and from his leader, the British Prime Minister, when he spoke of the possible socio-emotional problems faced by children raised by gay couple  here. I just wonder about the sincerity of David Cameron when he spoke against the Welsh politician.

Elton John and his "husband" David Furnish with their "child".

Elton John and his “husband” David Furnish with their “child”.

I don’t have problems with people who want to practice homosexuality and I also don’t have issues with gay marriage if legalised in any country, what I have misgivings with is the fact that these people want to raise children through adoption or surrogacy. Like the Welsh secretary, I don’t think that such children would be able to be brought up normally as per current society definition of “normalcy”.

Before some of you criticise or even curse me let me say this, everyone has his own opinion and is entitled to express it. I may be wrong in my assumption but let independent researchers come out with a study on the psychological effects of these children raised by same sex “parents” and show us the evidence on the contrary. By that time, I fear things would have been too late to remedy.

Yes, many children are raised by single parent or absentee father or mother  but what is the risk of them turning out being socially inadequate and emotionally-wreck? We will never know unless there are statistics on these. A good place to start is the social services or even the prison and look at the demographics of the inmates vis-a-vis their family backgrounds and early childhood upbringing.

Since these “legal” gay marriages are  only a recent phenomenon, the social impact is too early to assess and evaluate  and is very much dependent on the number of such people or such union in the society to determine its significance.

By the way in the animal world, homosexuality occurs in the lowest forms of life or during periods of extreme stress for whatever reasons simply because procreation is the pulse (and hope)  of this living planet.



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