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I cannot believe my eyes when I read about BN bringing in Psy of  Gangnam Style fame to Penang, that  opposition bastion! What were they thinking when they decided to have this famous Korean  grace BN open house for Chinese New Lunar Year in the island? Remember the year of the Snake is generally not welcome due to the animal’s aggressiveness and poisonous nature! So this crowd posturing gesture might be ominous.

I have been cringing since last year when BN government launched  a large-scale “bribery” exercise to woo the voters with BRIM,BLIMP and other financial gifts worth billion and yet some government departments cannot even afford to repair broken down machines like fax and printers. Are they that desperate? I want BN to win as I have no faith in the loose coalition of opposition parties but at the same time I don’t like the idea of money being wastefully spent in a non-beneficial and decadent way.

Psy and BN Gangnam Style

Psy ‘s  Gangnam Style during BN  CNY 2013 open house in DAP-held  Penang

And bringing Psy to Malaysia could be some kind of a coup by BN  but who sponsored the event? That person/company concerned would definitely want to have returned favours should BN get re-elected to power. I am  most uncomfortable on this issue as it sustains the cycle of corrupt practices.

And what was PM Najib thinking when he, acting like MC Mahathir Lokman, asking the crowd whether they were ready for Psy and then for BN? He got the answers, loud and clear. I watched that video of the crowd response to Najib’s loud questions with a knot in my stomach.

I don’t believe Penang will vote for BN in GE13. They have had enough of Gerakan/BN and their corrupt ways! And neither do they  see MCA as a credible  alternative . As far as my relatives in Penang are concerned, they will stick  with Lim Guan Eng and  DAP.

PM Najib-The response to your questions is LOUD and CLEAR

PM Najib – The  crowd spontaneous response to your questions is LOUD and CLEAR

I want to ask PM Najib whether he wants to hear what he wants to hear or things that he might not want to hear? The reality on the ground is not what your close confidantes have been feeding you. Had they been truthful to you, you might not want to pose those questions to that crowd and be publicly repulsed.

I don’t understand Malaysian politicians of both divide acting like some cheap stage performers or celebrities urging the crowd to respond in rowdy manners especially when I follow the sedate  campaign trails of British, American and Australian politicians. Ours appear uncivilised in terms of crowd emotion compared to those countries.

PM Najib should have just thanked the crowd for coming and appeal to them to give BN a chance to bring in a reformed team in the coming 13th GE to govern Penang. Sweet and simple. He might even get some sympathy votes for all we know because people usually succumb to humility.


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