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Having joined Facebook (FB) several years ago, I manage to reconnect with many old friends whom I have not met, some of them since I left secondary school and others since university days. On top of that I have relatives and staff who insist on befriending me. So as not to hurt their feelings I accept them.

I am actually not the kind of person who likes to talk about mundane things though I must admit I tolerate a lot of these on FB for a time. I also don’t fancy talking about ethnocentrism and  less so about religions. And yet on FB I encounter many of these uneasy topics being hurled at me by so-called friends. Mind you, these are the people I know or used to know when we were living in carefree times.

I too am not really interested to befriend strangers as I am quite concerned about my personal postings which could be used in ways I am not happy with. And so with all these veiled restrictions the number of friends I have is not into the hundreds so to speak.

How many "thumbs up" have you received?

How many “thumbs up” have you received?

My main reason of joining FB is to be able to visit others and be in touch with what is going on. You have to be registered to do that. And so I visit FBs of companies and of people of interest who allow others to see what they have posted.

And then there is an umpteenth reminders of birthdays of  FB friends and after a while you feel compelled to pen in the wishes on your “friend’s wall”.

Then there is the deluge of baby photos, children, grandchildren being posted incessantly followed by weddings,family outings,travels,graduation, what have you,  photos on your news feed. And the “likes” icon that are supposed to be clicked to humour your friends.

Then those super-smart “quotable quotes” and later the religious sermons coming in uninvited. I had wanted to write and tell my friends “no religious postings please!” but I refrain out of respect for their freedom of expression. I could have filtered some of the postings but I do not have the heart to upset friends.

I have expected FB to be a medium where I could share views on all issues other than religions but my Facebook friends are not into any intellectual discourse because I believe when most people are on Facebook, they just want to talk shop.

This posting receives more "LIKES" than  a posting on WHO warning on cell phone!

This posting receives more “LIKES” than a posting on  research findings on the danger of frequent and prolonged cell phone  use

Most people use FB for mundane interactions because I realise now that the majority  is actually superficial. The social media is only for taking “pot shots” and that’s it. It’s hi and goodbye till next visit.

Actually I myself only use FB on weekends and so tend to miss a lot of my friends’ postings during week days.

My postings are usually on articles that I have read and would like my friends to comment but believe you me, most would rather comment and “thumbs up” on a photo of a mug of Starbucks coffee!

To cut the story short, I find my FB friends a boring horde and the time has come  for me to tell them “Dear FB friends, I need a break”.


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