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At the outset, is Manuel Karingal Amalilio (aka Mohammad Kamal Sa’ad)  a Filipino or a Malaysian? Whatever it is he seems to be able to live in two countries freely and not only that, besides his names, he also appears to pass off as both a Christian and a Muslim. And what more this fraudster is able to muster some kind of power to avoid being brought back to the country he is supposed to have swindled more than 10,000 people out of their money in a financial scam.

Amalilio or Kamal? Filipino or Malaysian?

Amalilio or Kamal?  Filipino or Malaysian?

Now who is exactly this scumbag who is accused of defrauding people in or from our neighbour the Philippines? Both countries seem to claim him as their citizen. One is for the purpose of putting him on trial for the grand swindle that he allegedly mastermind and the other, our country, Malaysia, is for what? In my simple mind we could just let the Philippines justice deal with him as all those victims would have identified him as a fraud.

My simple mind and I am sure many of you also have this kind of thinking that he should be allowed to be taken back to the Philippines.  Here is a man who took money from so called investors in his get-rich-quick scheme and unable to repay less so giving the promised high returns to his clients and when the long arm of the law is finally catching up with him, he runs and hides in Malaysia and the way he was stopped at the Kota Kinabalu airport from being taken back to the Philippines sounds and looks conspiratorial. Unless, yes, unless the Philippines enforcement officials arrogantly came here in Malaysia without so much as consulting with ours and so appears to act as if Sabah ( the State where the alleged fraudster was hiding) is part of their country? Now, that could have riled up the Malaysians!!

Remember the Phillipines’ claim over Sabah has never been officially lifted? And hence still remains a thorny issue despite the friendliness and diplomacy displayed outwardly.

However, the news report in the Philippines here is concerning and I hope the alleged connection to the Chief Minister of Sabah is just a ploy by the Malaysian opposition to smear the  state politician and vicariously the BN ( the ruling National Front coalition)

Whatever it is, as for Amalilio, it is indeed a case of wanting to have cake and eat it. Exacting criminal activities in one country,using another name and scuttled away to another to hide and using yet another name. This kind of criminal should not deserve sympathy let alone protection from our law abiding country.

After all the misunderstandings between the two countries have been sorted out, it is only right that he be extradited to face justice in the country where he caused so much heartache and financial ruin.


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