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While we in Malaysia are debating whether we should change this present government in the next 13th General Election, let us spare a thought on what is happening in that part of Africa where a group of arms-laden religious zealots are forcing people to follow their unworldly way of life. These berserk men seek to control the populace through brutal means: killing,flogging,stoning,torturing, cutting off limb and generally ruining lives in the name of a great religion.

I am both sad and appalled  that this brand of religious fundamentalism has descended on people who barely able to enjoy the quality of life that we in Malaysia take for granted. Mali is one of the poorest country in the world and this so-called group with link to the global terrorist organisation want to make certain that the people remain poor and uneducated so that they can control them with impunity.

The poverty and socio-political upheaval of Mali

The poverty and socio-political upheaval of Mali

By controlling the people, these proverbial “mentally-retarded” militants would use the country as a base to train more like-minded cretins to destroy our civilisation, first the West and then globally. To achieve their evil goals they have no qualm about taking lives of others, and for that matter, even their own bloody lives!

Hand cut off for stealing in Northern Mali (WP)..... even God is merciful!

Hand cut off for allegedly stealing a mattress in Northern Mali (WP)….. and yet  God is ever so merciful!

The news of the brutalities, maniacal control and sadistic punishments perpetrated by Islamist militants in Northern  Mali herehere and here are really horrific and chilling.

Mali being a former French colony has begged France for help to crush this frenzied group’s relentless attacks on them, killing and destroying their pre-Islamic culture and heritage.  Fearing for the Western world’s  future safety, France has responded with its modern firepower unmatched by the so-called Islamists.

Yes, these  terrorists only know how to steal and use technology but are too brainless to inventing, let alone, maintaining it and will never be able to rise against the military power of an advanced country like France. They ran helter-skelter like wounded rats and, in retaliation, cowardly attacked an oil plant in Algeria and killing many innocent hostages including Malaysians without mercy. The reason? Because Algeria allowed the French to fly over its airspace to strike at those wayward Islamists terrorising Mali.

This sickening need to control people is frighteningly reminiscent of the behaviour of people who are  members of PAS, an Islamic component party of Pakatan Rakyat (PeopleCoalition) led by Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia, that is attempting to wrest political power in the coming General Election.

I truly and vehemently dislike the perceived corrupt practices of this current government, the arrogant long-serving politicians lacking integrity and their political cronies and yet somehow am still  hoping that PM Najib will have the mandate to change  the  undesirable characteristics of his party (UMNO) and coalition partners  in the process of positive reformation to regain the peoples’ trust.

But some people have already made up their mind that this government should go and want to experience a new one with PAS in tow. Gosh! Once in, it is not that easy to dislodge them. The country will suffer a setback  due to the foreseen in-fighting among PKR,DAP and PAS as their respective ideology is conflicting. This disparate opposition coalition is just not ready to govern this country in my humble opinion.

In the meantime, I cannot help but  ponder on the tears of Mali.


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  1. An intelligent observation!

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